Tuesday, March 18, 2008

You KNOW its a Good Day...

....When you find $$ in your pockets while folding the laundry! Yes, I actually DID laundry after that post on SCS this morning (go look!), you'll see what I mean!

Anyhoo... it hit me that I have to get on the ball with Easter steamrollin' towards me! This one is a TOTAL stamplift! I really wish IEASTEET PUNCHED CARD had the One of a Kind stamp set to use with the Boho Blossoms punch - I have the punch, but there were all those issues with the stamps not lining up - yadda yadda yadda. It's fixed now, and I will be gettin' it ASAP! They would look so cute here! (I need to send this to my Longaberger lady, right?!) I ended up using the Spring Bouquet punch, and it works out smashingly. Can you figure out how the basket was created? YES! The File Tab punch! And the two oval punches made the handle. Genius! No, not mine, sadly. LOL Oh, and speaking of genius... did you see Beate's Technique challenge entry? (Yes, hers is a regular read in my world!) I swear on a stack on Bibles (which I take VERY seriously, y'all) that as I was fondling a new Cuttlebug folder - I was thinking about how to ink it up without making a ridiculous mess! Darn! Another missed opportunity to name something after myself!

I did cheat and used a stamp from Mike's for the butterflies for the background. A couple are Crystal Effected as is the teeny cross punch (I need to find a bigger one!) and the little flowers on the green basket-tag. The ribbon is Kraft Taffeta, and the bow on the basket that ended up being a knot... yeah, you know my issues... is Light Pink grosgrain. Some stick-on bling in the top flowers finished it off. Now I have to make 7 more. *sigh* I don't know how you other MOMS get so much accomplished, stampin' wise. I only have one child, and I'm a disaster! ha ha OH well... I did get the Easter card designed, and that, friends, is progress!


I ALSO got to play with variations of that super-cute purse card. I ended up making two circles with my CM cutting system. And, yes, it is hanging from a kitchen cabinet knob! It wouldn't stand up, or stay closed! It was very ornery, I must say.... Anyhoo - StampVamp was kind enough to send me her Bellas to play with for a bit, so I figured my first project should be for her. Just don't tell her... sssssh! I think it's cute for a first try, huh?

Happy Tuesday!


Shaz said...

both great love the Easter card xx

Stampvamp said...

I won't tell... jeez both of these are da bomb! excelente!

Becky Sorensen said...

Awesome!! How fun. I am hoping I learn from you all. I need to get some punches!!!

Ann said...

Really gorgeous - love both of them!!

Stampvamp said...

Hey Bethy-Poo,

I'm giving you an award. See my blog for the details!


Ann said...

Happy Easter Sister xx