Friday, October 31, 2008

FYI - Eve Rocks!

On the off-chance you haven't seen her amazing creations (she especially smokes the Twilight Tuesday Inspiration Challenges) CLICK HERE!  Right now!  Don't wait another second!

Any-hoo...  We Twi-hards stick together. Check out this surprise I found in my mailbox last week, as I was cruising out of town and filled with stress... :)  P1020016  She is so frickin' COOL!  How thoughtful was that?  This paper is amazing - to look at it, you would swear it is some sort of fiber/cloth, but it isn't.  It's gorgeous - I just want to look at it... I can't bring my self to cut it up, yet... :)    And, friends, she made Twilight earrings. P1020017 Seriously ~ she did it herself!  I have a pair on right now!  (Along with one of my Twilight t-shirt, but I digress...)  They are dang cute.  I guarantee I will get compliments - I cannot wear Twilight anything without luring out a fan or two!  Eve also found apple brads!  How funny!  I may have to do a project that themes on the initial cover...  I cannot resist those brads! 

But, being me, I am making myself late for the kiddo's Halloween parade ~ did we ever get out early on Halloween?  I tend to think not...  hmmm.  Private schools ~ what are ya gonna do?

THANK YOU SOOO MUCH, EVE!  You brightened my day~ my week, really!  You rock!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Last One... Promise...


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Well, I literally took 10 minutes on this one.  I'll probably make it into a card, or use it in a collage of characters I was thinking about doing later on.  BUT, I believe I have used up my daily dose of mojo.  (There's that exhale I was waiting on earlier...)  I am officially done submitting for TTIC#5!


I love wolfie... TTIC5 Jake3

TTIC#5 ~ Part 2! More Jake love...


Ok, so I like Jake!   I didn't feel like I captured the correct mojo Click to Edit or Sharein my previous submission for TTIC#5.  Team Jacob, baby!  Poor guy gets no respect.  *sigh*  He's such a sweetie.  I could fill a whole project with great Jake quotes, but I chose this one.  It captures "him"... tticteamsmaller

Now... my wolf stamp finally arrived!  Maybe another Team Jacob submission in your future?  I can hear the collective gasps... don't forget to exhale!

TTIC5 Jake2

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

TTIC#5 Twilight Tuesday - Team Jake baby!

Ok, so I am late...  Note to self: NO open containers allowed on the craft table...

Twilight Tuesday Inspiration Challenge #5...........

It's TUESDAY!!!! 
Which team are you on? Team Edward (how BORING!) Team Jacob or are you Undecided?

This week we address the almighty issue of Teams...  Certainly, with Twilight, it is inevitable that Edward is THE man, uh, vampire, of Bella's heart and the core of the saga.  (Especially with that hottie they have playing him in the upcoming movie!)  Team Edward is too easy (I will remain silent and refrain from all the jabs that are flooding my mind, since my boy Jake is getting slammed all over the place!) and to be Switzerland is way to politically correct for me!  :)  But, you know... being ME, I have to go with the underdog - pun intended - and I went with Team Jacob.  After he is done being, well a youngish teenager, he really becomes a great wolfie! :)    We can debate his relationship with Bella until the wolves come out, but I like Jake.  And in New Moon, when he is telling his story - I laugh my fool head off at the way he talks and thinks.  Jake rocks!  

team jake carde

Don't forget to check out Tonya's and Eve's blogs for their TTIC masterpieces!  Are YOU playing?  Enter your link in a comment!  We are always looking for more people to play with! :)

Added 10-29:  Check out this awesome submission by Julie!

Running Late!

TTIC will be up shortly! Patience, lovely Twi-hards! :)

For a quick fix - check out these (on-time) TTIC submissions:

Thursday, October 23, 2008


P1010961 Scared ya, didn't I?  More like surprised, with a BTTP ~ a Between-The-TTICs-Post.    Yeah, I know.  But I have been into some REALLY awesome books lately.  The kind you can't put down - awesome.  :)   I found some SUPER cute Halloween acrylics at Mike's of all places.  They are finally catching on!   I figured I should actually USE those Copics that I spent so much money on...  and this is what I came up with.    I was totally goofing off mindlessly, but I think the images are cute enough to save the composition, huh?  That mouse cracks me up!


Now, this one was fun - I love skulls.  P1010962Does that mean there is something 'amiss' in my life?  hee hee.    Again, I wasn't putting a lot of thought or planning into these.  I swirled the ink on the vellum and layered it over the other image of the Jolly Roger.  I also colored the skull on the base layer with my white gel pen.  It looks groovy IRL.  

Now, since I have done so much hard work today (NOT!), the next one is a foreshadow of what comes after Spawn goes to bed...


Have a spooky, spectacular and cocktail-icious day!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

TTIC #4 ~ Twilight Tuesday, Hooray!

It's Twilight Tuesday again! That means another card inspired by Stephenie Meyer's gift to vamp lovers everywhere ~ the Twilight saga!

This week, we were to be inspired by my girl, Alice Cullen! This girl rocks out loud. I absolutely LOVE Alice! And, for the record, I think that whoever is responsible for casting Ashley Greene in the movie deserves some massively cool award. She is perfect. (Isn't Jas just adorable in that picure, too?!)

So, we know Alice can see into the future, once decisions have been made, et al. She is considered to be especially talented among the vamps in Meyerland. She oozes haute couture style (even rocking it in rural Washington state!) and is a girl who can seriously kick some ass when need be! She is loyal, and has an awesome way of relating to her family and friends. You can always rely on Alice, and she takes that very seriously. She just rocks... have I said that yet? So here is what I came up with with, with Alice in mind:

The lovely Eve sent me this photo after I spent a whole email gushing about Alice's awesomeness and the fabulous casting of AG ~ look at those Topaz eyes! Awesome picture! (Thanks for sharing it, Eve!)

What ability would you have?

If I could choose a supernatural ability, I would totally opt for the ability to alter time. I would like to be able to go back and revisit, and go forward to see what's up. Particularly, on the heels of reading Twilight, I would love to go back and revisit high school ~ I would remind myself that HS is one of the greatest times in life, and that failing my driving test the first time (WHAT?!) wasn't really the end of the world... Is there a character on Heroes for that? :) Plus, I would really like to jump ahead a few years and see what the new Prez will do... or jump ahead about a month to the TWILIGHT opening! :)

Check out these awesome submissions for the challenge, too:

Tonya Klar

Eve Fowler

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

TTIC #3 - Yep, It's Twilight Day!

Welcome to this week's Twilight Tuesday Inspiration Challenge! The inspiration this week comes from our wonderful Eve!
Eve's choice for this week's inspiration piece, Edward's Meadow!!

This week's challenge was so fun - we were instructed to use the infamous meadow scene as our inspiration. Yeah, baby! This is the scene that started it all for Stephenie Meyer - her dream of a perfect vampire, in a perfect meadow, professing his love to his Bella. Here's my interpretation.

Of course, I had to include the most awesome quote from the whole series (well, except for the Volvo one!): "And so the lion fell in love with the lamb." ~Edward

"Such a stupid lamb." ~Bella

"Such a sick, masochistic lion." ~Edward

We know that Edward "dazzles" in the sunlight - literally, so I used Dazzling Diamonds and Crystal Effects to add the sparkle to the quotes and the leaves. We also learn that the forest is overwhelmingly green to Bella, so I used baby wipes on the background, and Always Artichoke, Certainly Celery and Barely Banana classic ink (reinkers) and graduated the hues from bottom to top to create the green forest floor, to the brilliant, sunny day they spent in their perfect meadow. I varied stroke styles until I got the 'feeling' I was going for. I wish the picture did it justice - it looks very subtle, but just right in person! :)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Twilight Tuesday Inspiration Challenge #2

Well, this may be my lamest IC submission ever! I had such high hopes: a mosaic of the Forks students, with the Stupid, Shiny Volvo and Bella's 'choice' represented universally throughout as the apple... It had such potential... Alas, here is what I have to share. Remember what Momma said - if you don't have anything nice to say... :)

I chose the Night of Navy and Summer Sun colors, well, because they are the real FHS colors! The rest is pretty basic. I used the Puzzle Piece Sizzix die and the scallop square Nestie. I feel like the universal feeling of high school is making the 'pieces fit', and Bella and Edwada re no exception. I used Wild Wasabi, because Bella was always saying Forks was "too green", and that occurred to her often when she was going to school in the rain! Of course, Edward's sinky and new Volvo was the obviously out-of-place vehicle in the school lot - prompting on of my favorie quotes: "Stupid, shiny Volvo owner." Funny!


Everything! When I read the scenes from the school, I picture it happening in my high school - (the one they are tearing down this month!) :{ I imagine the parking lot between the wings, the cafeteria with it's big black dragon painted on the wall, the dreaded Bio lab. It was a fun walk back through HS. Specifically, I never dated any hot vampires, or had a van come flying at me, though. :)