Tuesday, March 31, 2009

TTIC#25... Favorites ~ Part Deux

Still working with SuperJen's challenge, celebrating our favorite aspects of the Twi Saga... In my previous post, we discussed her Comment Challenge. Now let's move on to the good stuff... 'Cuz I like to maintain some suspense, and stuff...

I decided to use this to look back at some of my favorite projects - we have seen some doozies since we started this little joyride, yeah? I'll start with a few of my own faves... starting with the very first 'official' challenge we ever did: Rosalie Hale

...Kinda funny since there is really no point in the saga that I enjoy her - until it's time for Jake to start in on her with the blonde jokes, of course. (Goes without saying - can I get a "woof, woof"?) Although, having the advantage of seeing her in the movie - I will say (again) that girlfriend kicks some baseball ass. So there is at least one redeeming quality. And she makes Em happy. WHY, Emmett, why? Explain yourself! And none of that "she saved me" crap... :)

Next is Dani's Twilight Music challenge. I was jazzed (oooh, yikes - sorry) about this one from the very first second (two for two!) I saw what she had planned for us! I am one of those people who 'feel' their music (and my books!), so I am always relating songs to something - and since my life is so ungodly suburban, it seems lately to be the excitement of said books! I had Chasing the Dragon chosen before this challenge was ever issued! I actually have this one on my wall - because, hello, BS are MY initials too, Miss Swan... My luck that my initials are BS. My poor son's are PMS. The horror...

I also liked my Team Jacob project:

And we all know on which side of THAT fence I reside... :) Puppy Love, baby! I used my turn as challenge master to push my puppy boy on the amazing Design Team, and they completely and utterly rocked my world with their projects. Every single one was awesome - and it is safe to say that I am the sole Team Jaker on the DT... although we do have a Switzerland or two lurking... I'll claim 'em. It gets lonely in Jacobville. My point is, even the Team Eddies came out swinging. It was awesome!

And, finally, yes, finally - I promise, we celebrated the release of the movie. What a day that was... a 35 year old mom in the theater by herself with a bunch of teenagers. Good times, friends, good times.

So there it is. My TTIC 'memoirs', of sorts. I have enjoyed being on Twilight Tuesday's design team so much - we have grown and touched so many people with our mutual love of books and craft. Through our awesome forum we have made so many connections with other crafty Twihards! I suggest that if you are thinking about trying to play along, but are afraid to show us your goods - just do it! If you scroll back through my projects, you'll find some stinkers that you can't possibly outdo!! And that's a promise! :) Seriously - there is no judging, just fun. Give it a try! I'll be looking for you...
Happy Twilight Tuesday!
PS - Go get Stakes & Stilettos by Michelle Rowen... released today! Everyone MUST read her Immortality Bites series. So frickin' fun!! ...and now I will get back to my new book... :)

TTIC #25 ~ Favorites!

This week, the supremely talented Jen issues one of our best challenges yet:
"For this weeks TTIC challenge I wanted to do something a little different. We've been picking very specific themes that showcase the design teams favorite things and having everyone create something based on that. Well this week I thought it might be fun to focus a little more on what our participants like and are drawn to about Twilight. So our focus this week is: Celebrate YOUR Favorites!
  • This week for the creativity challenge you are to show us what you love about Twilight. Is it Edward? Or the baseball scene? Emmett's one-liners? Alice's quirky style? The meadow? Or maybe it's a quote. You choose! As part of this challenge to vamp it up a bit I also want you to concentrate on showcasing your favorite medium. Use your favorite technique, supply, material, etc. to help show case your favorites about Twilight. (I know that might be a tall order so 1 out of 2 ain't bad. ) Show us what you LOVE about Twilight.

  • Comment Challenge:I would love to hear what Twilight has meant to all of you. It seems that Twilight has affected to many people on so many different levels. I know for me it's given me this great group of women who I love creating with along with so many other wonderful gifts that I never thought would come from just a book. I'd love to hear more about what Twilight has brought into the lives of others. "
I could not agree more, Jen! Onward, Twilighters...
First, I am going to hit on the Comment Challenge. I love this question, and every time I sit to answer it, I answer it a little differently. I assume it is because books and stories affect me differently depending upon the day and situation I find my life in at the time. My base feeling is that this story clearly grabs people for the ideal of teenage love. Whether it is the teenager who yearns for that kind of 'love' or those like us (ok, ME!) who are long removed from the teenage angst and our first crushes and splintered hearts. For me, I was taken back to good old Brunswick High School (the Old one - the dilapidated and crumbling one!) and was firmly entranced by the writing of Bella's emotions. I won't sit here and tell you I agreed with much of Bella's actions and/or choices, but I completely got where she was coming from. She was masterfully written in that respect. (A tad whiny, but that's for another post...) :) More mundane than all that, though, my high school even looked like Forks HS! Plus it rains a lot in Maine too - the weather is very similar. It has been a long time since I have actually sat down and reminisced about these little details of the high school experience, and that's what Twilight did for me.
I will be back with a crafter's challenge very soon - I will not bore you with more tales of technical woes... suffice it to say we are lucky to have our TTIC picture up there! CHECK BACK!
Visit TwilightTuesday for your last chance at winning the March Blog Candy, plus the other fabulous Design Team submissions! Rock On, Twilighters!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

TTIC#24 ~ Carlisle Cullen

Happy Tuesday, Twihards! This week Dani challenged us to create a project that is reminiscent of Dr. Carlisle Cullen.
"Carlisle is an important part of the Twilight saga. In fact there is even a chapter in Twilight named after him. In this chapter we learn about his history as well as how the Cullen family was started.
The Creative Challenge: create something from Carlisle’s history. It can be about anything: his life in London, how he swam to France, when he turned Edward into a Vampire…
The Comment Challenge: Is there something in your family history that you are proud of? Is a relative of yours famous for some reason? Do you work on your family’s tree? Tell us something about your family’s history."

Here's what I came up with: Classy and masculine.... very Carlisle!

This is a Crimped Envelope card and they are my current 'thing'. The sentiment reads: "You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough." Plus, it helps if you are immortal. :) I think this is how Carlisle strives to live and he clearly does it well. He is a fantastic character and I think he makes a wonderful mentor for Edward. Love Carlisle!

Don’t forget to play our Scavenger Hunt as well! We have some fun prizes to give away!

Also, be sure to check out the rest of the DT’s spectacular creations:
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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Back to Buzz-ness... & So You Think You Know Vampires?

Ok, I get a Lame-O Award for that one... but since I'm time-crunched for an appropriate pun-riddled title... it stays, hon. (Ouch - and the hits keep coming...) Sorry for that. Truly. Sincerely.

Anyhoo... I finally, nay, actually took photos of some of my latest projects. Which implies that I remembered to do so BEFORE sending them off... I know! - will wonders never cease?! Now, I can hear Tonya groaning all the way from Texas... YES! I BOUGHT THE DAMN BEE SET! The little ones look like the Anne Geddes babies or those weird Snow Babies... kinda cute. Or maybe I was sleep deprived and imbibing some Bailey's. It's a mystery. ...But I digress! My point, and I did have one on some level, was that they struck me as cute - in a completely NOT-my-normal-kind-of-cute way. Maybe I could draw some fangs in... now that would be cute! Oh SNAP! You know I'm just gonna have to now... rambling streams of consciousness can be very dangerous! Sheesh!! Can you say ADD? My point is my project... talk about taking the scenic route:

PS -if you have never visited my blog before - welcome! But don't expect much for details a la most craft blogs... I'll gleefully supply you my 'recipe' if you ask! Oh yeah - my camera is still having issues, so the picture is crap. Gah!

Now - VAMPIRES! Yippeee! One of my very favorite blogs is The League of Reluctant Adults... just the name alone is freaking awesome! Man, if that doesn't describe me.... In all seriousness, this is a group of wonderful authors, (ok, so I haven't been able to read them all, but I am dilligently working on it - and have yet to be disappointed!) who share themselves through their blogs... it is freakin' fantastic! (Michelle Rowen ROCKS! Definitely check her out. Immortality Bites! 12 days, baby!) I SO love the internet! Back on point... the League (well, Molly Harper of said League) is having a Vampire Trivia Contest this Friday, March 20. Not that you should enter, because I will be winning it... just thought you might like to share in my glorious butt-kicking. :)

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

TTIC #23 ~ Happy St Patrick's Day!

O’Cullen style… Happy Twilight Tuesday AND St Patty’s Day, Twilighters!
This week, I had the honor of choosing the obvious challenge… now, come on, you know you wonder what *they* would do in any given situation! Onward, Crafters, to this week’s Twilight Tuesday Inspiration Challenge!

Crafter’s Challenge: Take the spirit of the holiday and create a St Patrick’s Day themed craft. Try to incorporate some Cullen in there - imagine them celebrating! Erin go bragh!
Comment Portion: Think about how the Cullens would celebrate… they are smart vamps - did they come up with an ingenious way to color their “beverage” green? (Um, yuck! ) Attend the Forks Irish Festival (they could have one!) or jet off to Ireland for a quick vacation? -AND- How do YOU celebrate?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

TTIC#22 ~ Bella's Birthday!

***edit: ok, so I scheduled this to post at 9PM today - ugh... DOOFUS alert!***

Welcome to Twilight Tuesday! Can you believe we are up to #22? Phew! This week's challenge comes to us from the molto bella e di talento (super lovely and talented!) Rebecca:

New Moon opens with Bella's 18th birthday and Alice in full party mode. Most people dread turning 30 or 40, but Bella dreaded turning 18 - mostly since that meant she was "older" than Edward. For the Cullens, they were excited - the last birthday they had ever "celebrated" was Emmett's many decades earlier. For the creative challenge part - create a birthday themed item - you're welcome to draw inspiration from the party or just go with "birthday". For the comment part - tell us if you've ever given or been the recipient of a surprise party or let me know if there was a birthday you dreaded. Or simply just let us know what your favorite birthday gift was.

Remember the scene? (Thanks for providing it, Rebecca - it's a perfect visual!!)

We were pulling up to the house now. Bright light shined from every window on the first two floors. A long line of glowing Japanese lanterns hung from the porch eaves, reflecting a soft radiance on the huge cedars that surrounded the house. Big bowls of flowers - pink roses - lined the wide stairs up to the front doors.

They were all waiting in the huge white living room; when I walked through the door, they greeted me with a loud chorus of "Happy Birthday, Bella!" while I blushed and looked down. Alice, I assumed, had covered every flat surface with pink candles and dozens of crystal bowls filled with hundreds of roses. There was a table with a white cloth draped over it next to Edward's grand piano, holding a pink birthday cake, more roses, a stack of glass plates and a small pile of silver-wrapped presents.

It was a hundred times worse than I'd imagined. ~New Moon

And, yes - turning 30 was physically painful... No sympathy for Bells, there! :)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Twilight Tuesday #21 ~ Renee Dwyer (Bella's Mom)

This week's challenge comes from magnificent Margie, and she has us studying Bella's mom, Renee Dwyer. In Margie's words: TTIC#21 - Renee, A dedication to the Mommy's in our lives...

Comment Portion: What do you care about the most about the "Mommy(s)" in your life (Moms, Sisters, Daughters, etc.) and/or do you have a similar relationship to someone like Bella and her Mom's relationship?

Craft Portion: Create a Twilight project dedicate to The Mom in your life

I came up with this card... for some reason, I imagine Renee wearing a yellow flowered sundress - did I read this, or is my imagination running amok again? My mom is nothing like Renee, but I love her and this is a card I would gladly send to her just to say "hey". :)

Don't forget to visit Twilight Tuesday to check out March's sketch challenge and Blog Candy! And, of course, you will want to check out the rest of the Design Team's projects! That goes without saying! --> While you're at it, wish the lovely Eve a belated Happy Birthday!! <--

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Julie - http://www.starsfallcreations.com/

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