Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Twilight Tuesday #17 ~ Jacob Black!

Yep! It is finally my turn to issue the challenge! Here goes...

Our theme this week is: Jacob Black!

I like Jake. No secret there. And it is clear where the lines are drawn in the sand, so to speak, in Twilightville! Having said that, I invite everyone to objectively think about the character, Bella's trusted friend, her strength in her weakest hours, her light through her darkest times and her humor on a seemingly humorless day. Theirs is a special friendship. My challenge to you is to capture the essence of the special bond in a project of your choosing.

***"Jacob was simply a perpetually happy person, and he carried that happiness with him like an aura, sharing it with whoever was near him. Like an earthbound sun, whenever someone was within his gravitational pull, Jacob warmed them. It was natural, a part of who he was. No wonder I was so eager to see him." ~Bella, New Moon.***

Comment Portion: Explain your version of the relationship between he and Bella, or he and the other Quileutes... basically, the essence of Jake. What is the dynamic that draws you in or *GASP* deters you from him. ***note: I don't intend for this to be a TJ vs TE debate! This is NOT about Edward!*** Do you know someone who is as special as he is to Bella? Does the rebuildng of a car remind you of something or someone? Did someone special teach you to drive (a motorcycle?), or save your life??? et al... Take this any way you want. I just want to see a little puppy love and will abuse my executive power on this one to get it!!!

So... Here is my Jacob-is-an-awesome-friend card. Bella is blessed, truly and utterly blessed, to have a devoted friend like him. He is special. P1020420

PS ~ Fear not, Twilighters, it is a common misconception that you must be a card carrying member of Team Jacob to enjoy this character! This is not so. I promise. :)

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Rebecca said...

LOVE it! Great card, its beautiful!

Dani said...

Awww! Jacob got some love!!
You did an awesome job on this!

stampvamp said...

This is AWESOME!! I REALLY love it! Rock on Girlfriend!! YAFA.

Margie said...

Beautiful card! You can feel the wolfy love today ;)
This was a great challenge! It was great to (try) to think of someone else for a change :)

deconstructing jen said...

Beth I loved doing this challenge. It's one of the only challenges that immediately spoke to me for what I was going to do. And I've always been quite firmly Team Switzerland and truth be told if Edward weren't, well Edward I would be all over Jake. Heck if he were a real person he's likely to be the one I was friends with.

Now your card. I just love it! What a great phrase to use - Stand by Me. Isn't that just the definition of Jake's character. Even when he's being stubborn he was always there.

Thanks for picking such a great challenge.

Julie said...

Aww, what a great sentiment. I love that about Jacob -- his loyalty. Beautiful job on your project, and with the whole theme! Thanks, Beth!

thriftmau said...

Super Sweet Jacob is a totally awesome frined and Bella is lucky to have him card, Beth. Great challenge this week, I enjoyed it. TFS

Julia said...

Great card! Love your layout and colors.