Thursday, March 27, 2008

Put A Little Love in Your Heart...

I'm just a music junkie.  I guess you've come to that conclusion already, yeah?  Yeah.  It could be worse, I suppose!!   ANY-hoo... as I sat down to crop this pic for you all, that's the ditty that jumped into my head.  My boy puts a LOTTA love in my heart!  p12x12schoolpicsframe  

As for the project, though...

I'm on the fence about this one.  If I didn't like the pics in it, I'd hate it!  I need to submit this to StampVamp for her Drab to Fab advice!  I don't usually have trouble with these, but this one - sheesh!


Since I was such a slacker today and did laundry and ran errands, therefore neglecting my Stampin' duties... here are my other wall hangings/scrapbook pages.  The following are displayed in Creative Memories' Everyday Displays. 

  P1000465  P1000466P1000464

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Challenge UP! Whisperin' Black-n-Blue...

Here's my contribution to yesterday's SCS Color Challenge...  Kinda tricky since I have no Basic Black marker in my SU box o' markers.  What's up with THAT?!  I had to use a black Uniball pen for my accents. Improvisation, my friends!    LOL.  Like BFF StampVamp, I have resisted the Copic craze, mainly 'cuz they are ridiculously expensive - they are actual artist markers.  I get it.  Hmmm....  Guess I better make a note to order the Neutral markers before I forget...  Back in a sec!         M'kay.  Miss me? 


These are my goodies - as you may recall, I love the 3x3 size!  And these colors are right up my alley, too...   Finally got my Pun Fun -bashfulblackskunk and of COURSE, I ordered it, literally, the day before the Free Wheelin' promo was announced to the demos.  So, I missed out on the free wheel.  Well, that just rots, huh?  Oh, well ~ c'est la vie.  Learn from me!  Order now!  sheesh.   ANY-hoo... since I was lacking the afore-mentioned black marker, my little skunk is blue.  But, he's cute!  I like him.  I stink he's sweet, too... :)   The only thing a little goofy about this one is that I used my Bashful Blue marker to color the white stripes on my black grosgrain ribbon.  It was an interesting effect.     The rocket one was a total experiment.  See, everyone keeps blogging about these mysterious "stickles"... so I played around with my own version.  Crystal effects and Dazzling Diamonds glitter.  I think I got a smidge bashflblackrcketcaught up in the fun, 'cuz I sparkled EVERYTHING!  (Hey, he's supposed to be out in the cosmos, no?) I kinda wish I'd have left the scallop 'window' solid black, but overall, I'm happy.   GAWD, I love his stuff!    

Off to Chuck E. Cheese (jealous, ain't ya?) then I will "have" to swing into the craft store down the block.  It's a moral imperative.


Happy Wednesday! 

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Daniel, You're a Staaaaarrrrrr ~

That's me doing a smashing Elton John... can you feel the love tonight?  I believe in love... (Oh the puns are rollin' now!)  Can't you come out to play... oh, hey-hey John-nay...          Ok, I'm done.  Gotta love Sir Elton.  I know - you're still shocked that I love the guy, but he's an original.  I love that!  THAT shouldn't surpize any'uns!


So, back to Daniel...  I whipped up this for him.  His sister, Princessa gets the cool pink and green flip flops and my boy can't be left out.  He's the big bro my son doesn't have!!  daniels card 1  ANY-hoo... I finally got my Photo Corner punch, and got on the ball and ordered the Die-Cut Blossoms.  How about that fake-stitching?  Fancy-schmancy.  Hope the boy isn't traumatized by the clown face...  It is the smiley rub-on from A Perfect Day rub on kit available in the Occasions mini! (So are the Die Cut Blossoms, btw!)  The paper is from the Summer Picnic DSP, guess where it is available?  Yup, Occasions.  At this rate, I should have it all before he next catty comes out.


I hope you all had a beautiful and Blessed Easter!       I know I will be downing some Ipecac shortly...  *snort*  Well, it is a better visual than sticking my finger down my throat.  :)  Well, isn't it???

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

You KNOW its a Good Day...

....When you find $$ in your pockets while folding the laundry! Yes, I actually DID laundry after that post on SCS this morning (go look!), you'll see what I mean!

Anyhoo... it hit me that I have to get on the ball with Easter steamrollin' towards me! This one is a TOTAL stamplift! I really wish IEASTEET PUNCHED CARD had the One of a Kind stamp set to use with the Boho Blossoms punch - I have the punch, but there were all those issues with the stamps not lining up - yadda yadda yadda. It's fixed now, and I will be gettin' it ASAP! They would look so cute here! (I need to send this to my Longaberger lady, right?!) I ended up using the Spring Bouquet punch, and it works out smashingly. Can you figure out how the basket was created? YES! The File Tab punch! And the two oval punches made the handle. Genius! No, not mine, sadly. LOL Oh, and speaking of genius... did you see Beate's Technique challenge entry? (Yes, hers is a regular read in my world!) I swear on a stack on Bibles (which I take VERY seriously, y'all) that as I was fondling a new Cuttlebug folder - I was thinking about how to ink it up without making a ridiculous mess! Darn! Another missed opportunity to name something after myself!

I did cheat and used a stamp from Mike's for the butterflies for the background. A couple are Crystal Effected as is the teeny cross punch (I need to find a bigger one!) and the little flowers on the green basket-tag. The ribbon is Kraft Taffeta, and the bow on the basket that ended up being a knot... yeah, you know my issues... is Light Pink grosgrain. Some stick-on bling in the top flowers finished it off. Now I have to make 7 more. *sigh* I don't know how you other MOMS get so much accomplished, stampin' wise. I only have one child, and I'm a disaster! ha ha OH well... I did get the Easter card designed, and that, friends, is progress!


I ALSO got to play with variations of that super-cute purse card. I ended up making two circles with my CM cutting system. And, yes, it is hanging from a kitchen cabinet knob! It wouldn't stand up, or stay closed! It was very ornery, I must say.... Anyhoo - StampVamp was kind enough to send me her Bellas to play with for a bit, so I figured my first project should be for her. Just don't tell her... sssssh! I think it's cute for a first try, huh?

Happy Tuesday!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

It's Official...

Spring is here!!! I got my first pedi of the, well, of March. But it felt like an introduction to spring. So, I decided that since Beate P1000536is offering up cool things to be inspired by, I would rifle through my home and find something to be inspired by. I found... these. My ultra cool Hello Kitty flip flops! Is lime green and hot pink not the greatest color combo- EVER?! These girlz make it feel like spring - even back home, where there is tons 'o snow! (Hey, doesn't EVERYone pose their flippies for pictures?) Yes, they are too big, and yes, they do indeed give me blisters, but hey... you know how I feel about my kicks.

SO... I whipped out my Cuttlebug and flip-flop dies (I knew I'd find a groovy way to use them eventually given my adoration - ok, obsession with flippies, and shoes in general!)... and decided that I knew a perfect person to make this for... I'll call her Princessa, 'cuz that's what she is. Then I thought, hey, Princessa's mom, StampVamp could use a lift, too... this is gonna be soooo fun! I pull out a Sizzix embossing plate - whoever said they were interchangeable is full o' crap. I ended up using 8 strips of cardstock to get the right thickness, ergo pressure to impress the design and, I believe, our cardstock is too good for it. The embossing isn't as visible as I would like it to be. I'll just have to remember to use lighter cardstock for those. Yeah, right - like I'm going to go buy junky papers! I'll work it out and let you know.... P1000530 I used Gable Green for the base, Green Galore (rocks!) for layer 2 and the flippies, Blush Blossom for the feet (in need of a tan, badly!) and Pretty in Pink for the embossed top layer. I found some ribbon from Mike's - you know what I love about the $1 bin? It's $1 ribbon - know what I hate about the $1 bin? $1 ribbon usually is only printed on one side. Oh, the atrocity of it all. I mucked with it until the blank side didn't show - those of you who know how bow/knot challenged I am know this was no easy feet... ba-dum-BAH! Sorry - couldn't resist that one - it was too perfect. Next, Vamp got me hooked on these rhinestone stickies... I am turning into such a girlie girl. Eeek! Noooo!

I used the set from last catty (hostess exclusive, uh-huh, uh-huh) I'm thinking it's called So Many Sayings. I'll come back to correct myself if it's not. You know the one - the 3 blocks with 342 one-lined sayings on each one. lol I used the Green Galore and Pink Passion markers directly on the stamps to get the Hugs and Kisses in the Word Window (from the same named punch). Guess that's that. P1000533 Oh, and here's my coordinating pedi... and bad top-coat job! Wow, that's a downer. How'd I miss that?! Oh yeah, they were showing my soapie while I was in that awesome massaging chair... Oh, MAN, I love a good pedi!!

Happy Spring!!!

PS - Obviously, this girl uses Yoga Toes - gimme a shout if you know what I mean! ROFL

A serious problem...

In our crafty, deviant world today, it is hard to remain true to our first loves - Stampin' Up. This is a very serious condition, not to be taken lightly, and often under-diagnosed. I know this, because I have recently committed the sin of rubbadultery. Yes, friends, I am confessing that I broke down and bought, *sniff, rubba from another company. The humanity! I have tried to remain faithful to my beloved SU, but, alas, I have succumbed to the OVERWHELMING (have you seen some of the stuff out there?!!) temptation. My SU and I will work through this, with your love and support. Thank you.

PS - I'd like to thank JanTink for her help in diagnosing my condition, and for giving a name to my sin. Thank you, Jan.

Are you smilin' yet, Vamp?

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

WOW WOW WOW ~ as Wubbzy would say...

Every once in a while I come across  WOWZER project - this is that project!  Go Look!  I will be playing around with this one very soon!!   For one hot second, I wished I had a Coluzzle... *sigh   I'm still trying to figure out how to work around that....  tune in for updates!

SC165 - Sketch Challenge! Tea, Cocoa 'n Afternoon Flutterbies...

Wow, this sketch challenge was most definitely a challenge!  Scamperin' scallops!  This one cements that I really need to get some Nestibilities and the Cuttlebug scallop dies!  I can hear my checkbook whimpering in the background, can you??SC167   Anyhoo...  I stamplifted the measurements from the sample sketch artist, but I think I would knock off 1/4" off the width of the panels since I added (of COURSE!) the wide grosgrain.  Here's how one improvises whilst awaiting the man in brown... I wanted the background to be Chocolate Chip and to emboss the floral background on it, but alas, guess which color I am completely out of.  Natch.  So, I "dirtied up" a slice o' Close to Cocoa (direct-to-paper technique for those Bethspeak challenged!) and the texture it provided seemed like it would work.  ***I think I will create a link with my Bethspeak goofisms.  Goofisms will be on said list***    Once again, I digress...  I really wish that scallop circle was larger.   I liked the shadowy look of the Afternoon Tea DSP, so I shaded and dirtied up everything!    Ugh - that circle is really buggin' me now...   I used Essence of Love from the Occasions Mini, with the flutterby masked into the greenery.  Flashback (or flashforward?  For you non-Losties, that is the question rampant throughout this season.  But I cannot believe there are ANY non-Losties out there...) a few catties... remember all that gor-geous copper vellum and paper we used to carry?  **sigh  I stockpiled it, and now I'm afraid to "waste" it.  What a doofus, eh?  I did allow myself to use the copper brads currently available in the antiques assortment, and some copper cord to gussy up the already amazingly awesome wide chocolate grosgrain.   Oh, yeah, the scalloping along the bottom was an afterthought, and I couldn't cram the corner rounder up over my abundant dimensionals to do it properly...  I dug around and found those Paper Shaper scissors.  Now, I am sure there are clever crafters out there that can cut a straight line with those things - I ain't one of 'em!  Holy headache.  I need to pitch those bad boys.  ugh...    I think that about covers it.  Did you take the challenge?

Wow, is all I can say...

Model wearing heel-less high heels by Antonio Berardi (© Solo/ZUMA Press)

Holy high-ankle sprain! I really want to see someone walk in these kicks! Lordy-be, and they aren't even cute! Sheesh!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Another Texas-Project!

I looove the tin card boxes StampVampmy card box and I made when I visited last month.  Doesn't it ROCK out loud?  She is so creative!  I need to find some of these tins and MAKE MORE!!  I was most bummed, nay, perturbed when I realized I lost a couple flowers off the front while deplaning in St Louis.  You have no idea how much I wanted to run back and look for it - but I figured they'd arrest me or something.  lol  I'm going to score me the cuttlebug scallop dies and make some more.  The three smaller circles are actually magnets that I usually keep on top.  Is this just the coolest place to keep your cards?!  I love it - StampVamp rocks, yes, out loud! 

I used the File Tab punch to 'cut' around the latch.  It is a near perfect notch - nifty, huh?  The paper is Berry Bliss, and I believe that the stamped image in the large scallops were from True Friend (Vamp, is this so?!).  I used Pretty in Pink, and Purely Pomegranate classic ink and the pink rhinestone circle brads.  This was my first foray into the HodgePodge Hardware... cool stuff, y'all!  I immediately bought the new Stylized Silver HPH from the Occasions mini!  Just a fun project - can't wait to make more!!

And, finally, a half-decent photo... I am improving!!!   ...maybe I should change my blog name to "Rockin' out loud"!  Until next time - rock on!

Monday, March 10, 2008

TLC159 - Faux Cloisonne (astampahsayWHAT!)

Today's Technique Challenge was to replicate a Cloisonne art piece. (Ready for your French diction lesson - Cl-WAH-zon-nay) Ok, so I didn't learn to spell or read using Hooked On Phonics, obviously, but that's close - in my little world.  LOL  Anyhoo... Think oriental style, gold detailed ceramic pieces.  You'll recognize the intent when you go to SCS and see the samples.  I went a different way, so mine doesn't exactly conjure images of the land of the rising sun.  More like sea world.  LOL  ANY-hoo... basically, you emboss in gold on glossy magazine photos (can I just say there is NO substitute for SU powders?  This "high quality" CRAPola I got at the craft store ROTZ!)  Subsequently, when I took the challenge a step further and pieced together different pieces to get the colors, the 'leafing' came off gloriously.  Very irritating!  Let's also keep in mind that nuthin' sticks to glossy magazine paper, so handle gently!  More gently than me, apparently!  The other samples look impeccable....  **sigh  Faux Cloisonne dolphins I also swiped the layout from Beate's sketch challenge for last weekend.  I really dig this layout and couldn't wait to try it out!  Of course, the stampin' Big Girls rocked it much better, but I'm trying to get my procrastinatin' tush to the gym... hee hee - I'm usually making an excuse to AVOID the gym.  Strange happenings here in sunny Maryland!! :)  And now that I add the link, I see that I flubbed up the layout.  No wonder it looks wonky!  Oh wubz, I love it for what it is.  I'll add a gold embossed sentiment later, and maybe pierce the corners or somethin'.  I'll ponder it as I work off the ice cream I (who?) ate last night to soothe the beast in my forehead!  :)  Seemed like as good a reason as any - I haven't had ice cream for so long - omigosh, it was lovely.  **sighs dreamily** 

Sunday, March 9, 2008

A Little about My Buggy...

Oh, my beautiful boy...  he IS gorgeous, said the highly-biased Mommy person.  I just love to scrap him.   Of course, now that he is a big man (6), he isn't as cooperative when the camera comes out...P1000438 am I the only Mom to witness this phenomena?  I decided I wanted to keep a special place for his school pics, so I scooped up one of the SU chipboard binders (I think they were intended for Artist Trading Cards - ATCs).  They fit wallet photos perfectly!  I adhered some SU DSP (Spring Showers? I think the pink version was Spring Flowers...) to the binder, and the chipboard letters (gasp - from Mike's) and then sanded them up to look worn.  Finally, I used glue dots to attach the letters, cuz I don't want 'em fallin off!  I actually display this on my desk.  He's my buggy boy!  And, this 6x6 pageP1000436 : Ended up on my craft room wall.  My little boy!  He is the definition of a cheeky monkey, no doubt.  The title bar is the above-referenced SU paper Spring Flowers.  The So Saffron panel is embossed - and I'm thinking the base is Always Artichoke.  (I should come clean here - I'm pullin' from the rezerves here... I am losing the battle wIth an oncoming migraine, so I didn't stamp today, or yesterday)  Poor me, LOL. 


Happy Sunday!

Friday, March 7, 2008

LSC158 Limited Supplies Challenge - Blast from the Past!

Remember Forest Foliage??? LSC158 Lts Supplies Challenge This week's limited Supply challenge required a small card (less than 4.25x4.25) using only paper scraps and minimal embellies. Well, whilst rifling through my ABUNDANT scrap folders, I ran across some old colors... remember Marvelous Magenta? LOVED that one... I need to hit up the demo BST list for a new pad and reinker now!! And since I was going so far back with the color, I figured I'd find a really old set to accompany it... I came up with Botanicals, which debuted in 2002! That doesn't sound so long ago until you remember it is 2008! Jeez Louise. I used the time-honored Spotlighting technique, but tried it out using the base color in Forest Foliage (I get rid of NOTHING, y'all!) classic ink. Not quite as striking as black, but it serves it's purpose! That tab looks a little outta place, but since we were restricted to scraps... there was a hunk missing from that corner, and I had to cover it up! My vanilla and white scraps are few and far between! hee hee Oh, yeah - the card measures 4x4, and it took 10 minutes. Those were the rulez.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Sketch Challenge SC166

Ok, I am, again, a day late and a dollar short on the sketch challenge.  Why is that?  Oh well.  This is the first time I have used the new Essence of Love set, and I have big plans for it! :)  This isn't it, but you gotta start somewhere!  I'm still in my Cuttlebug honeymoon phase... so I experimented with "dirrrty'n" it up some.  There's nuthin' neat here! :)  I like the dirtied embossing, though.  I'm gonna call that "the Beth" 'cuz I haven't seen it used or named anywhere.  OMIGOSH!  Did I just come up with something orignal?  I'm so excited - I need to look into this! :)  HA!  Essence card 1 ANY-hoo... I had forgotten how much I love the SU distressing tool.  That's good for getting out some aggression, huh?


As usual, I'm pushing my luck as far as being punctual for my "volunteering" at my son's school... (Is it really volunteering if you don't do it and get a bill for $400 at the end of the school year?  LOL)  Oh, well, I enjoy helping out in the library and I will be helping the young 'uns fill out Wish Lists for the Book Fair. 


I'll update the recipe if anyone would like the specs later today! 


Stamp On, SIstahs!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Color Challenge (CC156)

Happy Wednesday!  Remember the good 'ol days when Lost was on Wednesdays?  I don't wanna wait until tomorrow!  That extra day is a killer!  Color challenge SaffWasabiPom **sigh...  Anyhoo, I really debated this post, because I am just not sure how I feel about this card.   Oh, who am I kidding - I'm pretty sure I hate it!  :)    I used the set that Shelli sent us a holiday gift for our dedication (she is so awesome!) - Time Well Sent, which is available as a Level 3 Hostess Set.  While I love the sentiments, I haven't been able to figure out how to use the set to my liking so far... I'll keep trying, just because I am so appreciative of the gift! 


The challenge was to use So Saffron, Wild Wasabi and Purely Pomegranate ~ well, I used 'em! Better luck next time, eh!  lol 

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

Wow - I'd like to thank the Academy...  and StampVamp, for this prestigious award.  It's an honour just to be nominated...  Hee Hee...  Just jivin'.  This looks kinda fun - there are so many awesome blogs out there, though!  How does one choose 7?     Sheesh.  Random Fact #1: I hate to make decisions! :)  Anyhoo ~ let's play, shall we?

The rules of the game:
• Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog.
• Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself on your blog, we all want to know them.
• Tag 7 random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs.
• Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.


7 Randomly Weird Facts About Me:

1. I love socks - the goofier and kitschier, the better.  Toe socks rock out loud - my Rainbow Brite toe socks are my favorite pair.

2. I am hopelessly disorganized (isn't that a sign of a great artist?)  I can't find anything once it leaves my hands.  Now where are my Rainbow Brites...

3. My favorite movies are Office Space and The Princess Bride.  Dodgeball is right up there, too.  I like the irreverent, in case you haven't noticed this about me yet... :P  Oh, geez - the Harry Potters, too.  Where's my head at??!!   Maybe even above TPB... hmmm.

4. I TiVo General Hospital and watch Family Guy regularly.  (That's why it is called a "guilty" pleasure, y'all!) And I signed the "Save Friday Night Lights Online Petition".

5. My son thinks I am "the best mommy ever" ~ he might be right. ;)  See, now if you knew me, that would be really funny, 'cuz I obsess about my parenting skillz!  lol

6. I am really bad at composing lists about myself!

7. My hair color changes with the wind.  Currently, I've gone with Creamy Caramel and Basic Black. My nephews place bets before I visit... shouldn't I get a piece of that action??


YOUR turn!  In no particular order...   Here are a few blogs I enjoy regularly...


Karen (in Australia!)  at Luv To Stamp

Britta at Made By *B*

Molly (another Maine-ah) at Lazy Dog Blog

Mindy at StampinMindy

Danielle at Fat Cat Stamper

MIchelle at Granite State Stamper

Kim at Inkey Pingers


Hope none of you mind being "tagged" as a favorite of mine! Love your blogs!  Blog on...

Monday, March 3, 2008

Cre*ate: an Original Folder

I kinda like this creation - if it were behaving for the pic, it would be closed completely, and you could tell it is styled like a "very vanilla" folder. :) This one was supercreatefolder card duper simple! In true "Beth" fashion, I had to throw in a twist - like a staple, or in this case, a paper clip, to knock it off balance a little. (Remember those HOT, red Louboutin soles?!) Yes, I did say off balance - not that my cards are ever to be confused with fine art ~ like some of the projects out there! Sometimes, you just gotta let out your inner quirk...

As I have shared before - and probably will again! - I love the Define Your Life sets. They rock out loud! I used both of those, and Office Accoutrement, again, with the Tab and Spiral punches. Close to Cocoa ink and paper, Purely Pomegranate & River Rock inks, and Pretty in Pink paper. I also used PiP and Chocolate narrow grosgrain, and a scrap of the green grid paper from.... awww. Can't think of it! Where's my old catty when I need it? In the abyss that is my stamp area, I'm sure... Sorry about that - it's the Designer Paper that complemented Office Accoutrement, and retired. Mad props for the 1st poster to correctly name that paper!!!

Feelin' Grooooovy ~

I finally did it... I broke down and got a Cuttlebug.  You know, that crazy contraption that I thought was unnecessary and limiting... *sigh.  I HAD to play with StampVamp's, didn't I... couldn't just remain a faithful Stampin' Up snob, could I...  sheesh!  I have to admit, I need to shop around online to find the folders and dies I crave, but the few I got at Mike's will do for now.  Here is my first Cuttlebug creation - and it is SO me!groovybella  Pink, with funked-up flowers and a shopping Bella.  If that doesn't scream out my name, nuthin' will! :)  I actually stamped ShoppingBellaTM when I was visiting the Vamp a couple weeks back, and brought her home until I found a good spot for her.   As I was coloring her, specifically her boots, I was schoolin' Vamp and her dd about Christian Louboutin's trademark red-soled shoes... Notice Bella is wearing some haute couture kicks! :)  That's my girl!


I used Pixie Pink paper and embossed the background with the 'Bug.

For the flowers, I used YoYo Yellow, Gable Green, Only Orange, Rose Red and Eggplant Envy.

For the Feeling Groovy, I used a $10 alphabet set from Wally World, and the same colors (except no Eggplant Envy).

Finally, I slapped on some of the Stylized Silver HodgePodge Hardware (henceforth called HPH!) and pierced the corners of the bella.  (Note to self: NO paper piercing when giant dog wants attention!)


As usual, I am most disappointed in my photographic quality - the card is much more fun in real life. Imagine if Beate's or Cambria's (et al!) photos don't do the art justice?  Oh, man... I feel so inadequate!  (JUST JOSHIN'!)  Like I said in a previous post, I aspire to be one of the stamping Big Girls one day! :) 


Happy Monday, Kids!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Singin' the Bluez

If you are a loyal reader - all 2 of you :) - you know I was challenged by my BFF, StampVamp, to use a blue from each family... on ONE card. :) Now, I know how to work the angles with the best of 'em, but, alas, challenge precludes using extra cards to get all the shades in! And, I gotta tell you - this just ain't as easy as you would think! I was cruizin' along until it came time for that Brilliant Blue. Brilliant. In a perfect world, I would avoid that color on this card, but overall, I don't hate the outcome... That's sayin' a lot considering the cussin' coming from the stampin' lair for a while there! :) How existential... that's me channeling that Geico commercial, you know the one I mean... "this is a real Geico customer, so we've hired someone who inteviews people to blah, blah blah..." (It's a lot better than that uber-annoying Joan Rivers one... OMG, save me!) Okay, so I am not properly caffeinated this morning... or this afternoon! Holy frijoles, Batman! Raise your hand if you haven't been to the gym yet today...
I would REALLY like to see some more answers to the Vamp's challenge. This was a good 'un!
I ended up going with the following shades and embellies:
Bashful Blue (Soft Subtles) ~ paper
Not Quite Navy (Earth Elements) ~ paper and classic ink
Bordering Blue (Rich Regals) ~ paper
Brilliant Blue (Bold Brights) ~ paper and classic ink
Very Vanilla ~ paper and craft ink
Timber Brown StazOn
I used Office Accoutrement stamp set and the File Tab punch, wide Grosgrain in chocolate, a staple and a binder clip.