Thursday, March 13, 2008

A serious problem...

In our crafty, deviant world today, it is hard to remain true to our first loves - Stampin' Up. This is a very serious condition, not to be taken lightly, and often under-diagnosed. I know this, because I have recently committed the sin of rubbadultery. Yes, friends, I am confessing that I broke down and bought, *sniff, rubba from another company. The humanity! I have tried to remain faithful to my beloved SU, but, alas, I have succumbed to the OVERWHELMING (have you seen some of the stuff out there?!!) temptation. My SU and I will work through this, with your love and support. Thank you.

PS - I'd like to thank JanTink for her help in diagnosing my condition, and for giving a name to my sin. Thank you, Jan.

Are you smilin' yet, Vamp?

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