Monday, March 10, 2008

TLC159 - Faux Cloisonne (astampahsayWHAT!)

Today's Technique Challenge was to replicate a Cloisonne art piece. (Ready for your French diction lesson - Cl-WAH-zon-nay) Ok, so I didn't learn to spell or read using Hooked On Phonics, obviously, but that's close - in my little world.  LOL  Anyhoo... Think oriental style, gold detailed ceramic pieces.  You'll recognize the intent when you go to SCS and see the samples.  I went a different way, so mine doesn't exactly conjure images of the land of the rising sun.  More like sea world.  LOL  ANY-hoo... basically, you emboss in gold on glossy magazine photos (can I just say there is NO substitute for SU powders?  This "high quality" CRAPola I got at the craft store ROTZ!)  Subsequently, when I took the challenge a step further and pieced together different pieces to get the colors, the 'leafing' came off gloriously.  Very irritating!  Let's also keep in mind that nuthin' sticks to glossy magazine paper, so handle gently!  More gently than me, apparently!  The other samples look impeccable....  **sigh  Faux Cloisonne dolphins I also swiped the layout from Beate's sketch challenge for last weekend.  I really dig this layout and couldn't wait to try it out!  Of course, the stampin' Big Girls rocked it much better, but I'm trying to get my procrastinatin' tush to the gym... hee hee - I'm usually making an excuse to AVOID the gym.  Strange happenings here in sunny Maryland!! :)  And now that I add the link, I see that I flubbed up the layout.  No wonder it looks wonky!  Oh wubz, I love it for what it is.  I'll add a gold embossed sentiment later, and maybe pierce the corners or somethin'.  I'll ponder it as I work off the ice cream I (who?) ate last night to soothe the beast in my forehead!  :)  Seemed like as good a reason as any - I haven't had ice cream for so long - omigosh, it was lovely.  **sighs dreamily** 


Beth said...

PS - I only have a mag subscription to Fitness magazine, so my pickin's were slim. And WOW! I am really straight-line challenged this am. Yowzers! Happy Stampin!


Bee said...

stunning, have got to try this.