Thursday, March 6, 2008

Sketch Challenge SC166

Ok, I am, again, a day late and a dollar short on the sketch challenge.  Why is that?  Oh well.  This is the first time I have used the new Essence of Love set, and I have big plans for it! :)  This isn't it, but you gotta start somewhere!  I'm still in my Cuttlebug honeymoon phase... so I experimented with "dirrrty'n" it up some.  There's nuthin' neat here! :)  I like the dirtied embossing, though.  I'm gonna call that "the Beth" 'cuz I haven't seen it used or named anywhere.  OMIGOSH!  Did I just come up with something orignal?  I'm so excited - I need to look into this! :)  HA!  Essence card 1 ANY-hoo... I had forgotten how much I love the SU distressing tool.  That's good for getting out some aggression, huh?


As usual, I'm pushing my luck as far as being punctual for my "volunteering" at my son's school... (Is it really volunteering if you don't do it and get a bill for $400 at the end of the school year?  LOL)  Oh, well, I enjoy helping out in the library and I will be helping the young 'uns fill out Wish Lists for the Book Fair. 


I'll update the recipe if anyone would like the specs later today! 


Stamp On, SIstahs!


Claireabelle said...

This is sooooooo gorgeous, it's stunning!

Meredith said...

such a gorgeous card!!!!! I LOVE this!!!! I haven't purchased this set *yet* I'm actually kicking myself for not pre-odering it.....but I have seen so many beautiful cards made with it that now I have to have it.....This may just be the card that pushes me over the edge......... :)