Monday, March 3, 2008

Cre*ate: an Original Folder

I kinda like this creation - if it were behaving for the pic, it would be closed completely, and you could tell it is styled like a "very vanilla" folder. :) This one was supercreatefolder card duper simple! In true "Beth" fashion, I had to throw in a twist - like a staple, or in this case, a paper clip, to knock it off balance a little. (Remember those HOT, red Louboutin soles?!) Yes, I did say off balance - not that my cards are ever to be confused with fine art ~ like some of the projects out there! Sometimes, you just gotta let out your inner quirk...

As I have shared before - and probably will again! - I love the Define Your Life sets. They rock out loud! I used both of those, and Office Accoutrement, again, with the Tab and Spiral punches. Close to Cocoa ink and paper, Purely Pomegranate & River Rock inks, and Pretty in Pink paper. I also used PiP and Chocolate narrow grosgrain, and a scrap of the green grid paper from.... awww. Can't think of it! Where's my old catty when I need it? In the abyss that is my stamp area, I'm sure... Sorry about that - it's the Designer Paper that complemented Office Accoutrement, and retired. Mad props for the 1st poster to correctly name that paper!!!


Stampvamp said...

This is really nice! Love the colors.

Stampvamp said...


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