Thursday, February 28, 2008

Take THAT, StampVamp! :)

Whooo-pah! Can you visualize my whip crackin'? Hee hee. Here's the thing - she's over there showing off with these cool masculine cards... So here's mine! Funny story - I actually made this for her but forgot to give it to her when I moseyed-on down 'ter Texas a couple of weeks ago. I had a wide chocolate grosgrain on it, but changed my mind. It mucked up the proportions. Can't have mucked up proportions, now, can we? If you've attended any of my events, you may have noticed my adoration of grosgrain and punches. I just love me the SU punches! Ya know what else I love? The direct-to-paper effect on the base of the card. (I am so smooth...) I got it by slapping the cardstock against the inkpad - yeah, directly. P1000478Well, more of a gentle swipe, really... a brush, a gentle caress... Oh, p'shaw! Slap it on there! There's no way to make it look neat, so no use tryin'! Ever heard the expression MOPs? No, not Mothers of Preschoolers... Messy On Purpose. That's my motto. Works great, too! Not so much in the domestic arena, but for stampin' - mah-velous! I took the colors straight off the Color Coach. Honey-Baby, if you don't have one - GET one! :) I really tend to obsess (who, ME?!) and struggle with color combos. There's also this little website, created by some kind soul of a demo for our free use. Boy, those Stampin' Up demos rock, huh?

Before I forget, and have to edit 17 times... the stamps are the SAB set Friendship Blooms and the 'love you' is from A Light Heart - the limited edition set SU issued to raise money for the American Heart Association (benefitting women's heart health research). Love this company! Doin' a lotta lovin' tonight... I might even break out in song! ...You do not want that, so I will sign off and get sitched for Lost. (Any Losties out there? I'm, *sigh* yes, obsessed!) I've found a great Lost blog if you are interested!


Girlfriendz ROCK!


I made these girlies for my nieces, Jasmine and Megumi. It is a major bum deal that cards can be SO FUN, until you take a picture of them! This one just makes you smile! Or maybe it just makes me smile, but I digress... Anyhoo - I got to use up some of the older crazy SU papers

(Tickles, methinks? Anyone?) and my favorite tangerine grosgrain ribbon. Plus, it's pink - how can you possibly go wrong with that??? I keep telling my husband that when I get my convertible Beetle, I'm having it painted light pink. He thinks I'm kidding! **winky wink** Lily the giant German Shepherd will have to ride shotgun! Now there's is an image - don't forget the Doggles Goggles! HA! Now I'm just being a doofus - back to the important stuffs... The SU papers and inks were Pink Passion, Only Orange and Pixie Pink. The set I used is my old reliable - Girlfriend. (Imagine if I actually had a daughter!) I colored her using markers, and added the scallop circle and tangerine grosgrain for added flava. There's actually a layer of pink between the circle and scallop, but I'm strugglin' to see it here. Trust me, it looks spiffy!! I shoulda made sure the pics came out better before dropping them in the post box. Again, I am pretty sure this was stamplifted, so thanks! And I'm eternally sorry that I don't know who you are!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A few of my FAVORITE thingz...

I am soooo McLovin' the 3x3 card format! Less than 10 minutes for these bad boyz. I used Define Your Life alphabet and definition sets and the retired Looks Like Spring set & Spring Bouquet punch, with a coupla Rhinestone Ice brads. Papers and inks, yes SU only - Certainly Celery, Pixie Pink and a scrap of Purely Pomegranate for the punch. Inks: Pixie Pink (notice I "stamped off" the lighter shades? Basics, baby. Basics.) and Purely Pomegranate.

And, how about those DYL sets for quick cards? I debated them because of the price, but now - BABY! I will keep 'em for-EVAH. Insane! Ridiculous!! (Yeah, I think I like 'em a lot.) They are the "definition" (ba-dum bum...) of versatile. I use them in my scrap books, too. They might be the perfect stamp sets... I'll have to think on that one.

What's SU set rocks your world? Hmmmm?

I want to see your 3x3's...

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

HuggyBellas, Baby!


I just recently allowed myself to peruse and play with some Bella stamps - omigosh! These are sooo fun! I really went nutz and tried out a Cuttlebug, too. Let me tell ya, it was magical - kinda makes my sitting down with a light table seem a little laborous, to say the least! How cool would it be if SU made some folders for the Cuttlebug - or better still - the Cricut! OOOOOH! I am getting woozy just pondering the possibilities~ but I digress. We are talking hugs and Bellas... This was an SCS color challenge - I hope you are sitting for this: Pumpkin Pie, Orchid Opulence and Certainly Celery. Holy heartburn. But then, who doesn't love a curly redhead?! I think she rocks that 'do, don't you?!

Sale-A-Bration time, Come On!

"...Wa-hoo! ...It's a Sale-A-Bration"

That was me channeling Kool & the Gang. Get it? If not, I can't help ya... go to iTunes and look it up! Yeah. So, anyhoo, this is the greatest promo Stampin' Up offers all year long! Free rubbah! (I grew up in Maine - I can say that with perfect inflection - impressed aren't ya...) These are the yummy sets that you can earn this year - including one fantabulous set of rub-ons! Geez Louise, are these awesome!! I have never played with such things until SAB time rolled around ~ now I am totally hooked! Seriously - addicted. But, as you may already know, you cannot buy these puppies... you can only get 'em for FREE. I love saying that... Take a peek, but be quick about it! Sale-A-Bration ends March 17th! I still have dates open for you to get your workshop/playdate scheduled... for now.... *wink wink*

US SAB Brochure

Monday, February 25, 2008

Yup ~ Jumpin' on the Blogwagon!

Hi, Stampers! Just when it was beginning to look like I was the only StampInsane girlie out there without a blog... SURPRISE!! You all make it look so easy! We'll have to stay tuned to see if I can keep up with the cool kids! I have big plans for us, so be patient and I will do my best to get you excited and inspired... Of course, much of my 'inspiration' isn't really mine... Sssh! Don't tell! Tee hee. Nah, if you're the serious stamper I expect you are, you have probably enjoyed the occasional stamplift, too. It's ok to confess it. You're safe here, amongst your own kind. ***This is where I cite something about stones and glass houses in a cast, but I'd probably flub it up.*** Or, if you are one of the craft's 'big girls', the stampin' elite, shall we say, you CASE. I do so aspire to become a stamping big girl, but until I reach that pinnacle, I will toil in my little Stampin' Utopia, and pretend y'all share in my ecstasy! Don't burst my bubble, m'kay?

Oh, yeah, did I mention I am, ummm.... how shall we say... blog challenged? Yeah, I'll go with that. In fact, I expect more than a few snarks from the peanut gallery about my venture into cyber stampdom. But, hey - it's all good! I'll take the hitz for the greater good! *winky wink* Bear with me while I work out the kinks. Oh - and I shamelessly accept (expect, really!) pointers and schoolin'! :) Until then, enjoy one of my favorite cards - probably 'cuz it is pink and silly... TA DAAA.... The TaTa Card... Isn't it just bra-mazing?

P1000434Got the boob stamp & sentiment from Stamp 'n More, formerly known as Ann-ticipations. They have some frickin' CUTE stamps. Also, Stampin' Up's awesome A Beautiful Thing stamp set. The layout, as I recall, was a most blatant stamplift from SCS, but I have no idea who or when it was originally posted. (I'm so sorry if this is yours and I have no decent props to offer!!) Card stock and inks are, and always will be, Stampin' Up. In this case, it was Pretty in Pink base with Regal Rose and Very Vanilla layers and the same for the inks, and a Light Pink grosgrain bow to top it off. C'est magnifique, no?

Until next time, savour the sweet StampInsanity! Now, what the heck is a "plug in"?...