Thursday, February 28, 2008

Take THAT, StampVamp! :)

Whooo-pah! Can you visualize my whip crackin'? Hee hee. Here's the thing - she's over there showing off with these cool masculine cards... So here's mine! Funny story - I actually made this for her but forgot to give it to her when I moseyed-on down 'ter Texas a couple of weeks ago. I had a wide chocolate grosgrain on it, but changed my mind. It mucked up the proportions. Can't have mucked up proportions, now, can we? If you've attended any of my events, you may have noticed my adoration of grosgrain and punches. I just love me the SU punches! Ya know what else I love? The direct-to-paper effect on the base of the card. (I am so smooth...) I got it by slapping the cardstock against the inkpad - yeah, directly. P1000478Well, more of a gentle swipe, really... a brush, a gentle caress... Oh, p'shaw! Slap it on there! There's no way to make it look neat, so no use tryin'! Ever heard the expression MOPs? No, not Mothers of Preschoolers... Messy On Purpose. That's my motto. Works great, too! Not so much in the domestic arena, but for stampin' - mah-velous! I took the colors straight off the Color Coach. Honey-Baby, if you don't have one - GET one! :) I really tend to obsess (who, ME?!) and struggle with color combos. There's also this little website, created by some kind soul of a demo for our free use. Boy, those Stampin' Up demos rock, huh?

Before I forget, and have to edit 17 times... the stamps are the SAB set Friendship Blooms and the 'love you' is from A Light Heart - the limited edition set SU issued to raise money for the American Heart Association (benefitting women's heart health research). Love this company! Doin' a lotta lovin' tonight... I might even break out in song! ...You do not want that, so I will sign off and get sitched for Lost. (Any Losties out there? I'm, *sigh* yes, obsessed!) I've found a great Lost blog if you are interested!


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Stampvamp said...

Ouch! You've got my card AND my computer!!

Lovely card. Let me see what I can fire back at ya...

Oh btw...absolutely ADORE direct to paper!!!