Monday, March 3, 2008

Feelin' Grooooovy ~

I finally did it... I broke down and got a Cuttlebug.  You know, that crazy contraption that I thought was unnecessary and limiting... *sigh.  I HAD to play with StampVamp's, didn't I... couldn't just remain a faithful Stampin' Up snob, could I...  sheesh!  I have to admit, I need to shop around online to find the folders and dies I crave, but the few I got at Mike's will do for now.  Here is my first Cuttlebug creation - and it is SO me!groovybella  Pink, with funked-up flowers and a shopping Bella.  If that doesn't scream out my name, nuthin' will! :)  I actually stamped ShoppingBellaTM when I was visiting the Vamp a couple weeks back, and brought her home until I found a good spot for her.   As I was coloring her, specifically her boots, I was schoolin' Vamp and her dd about Christian Louboutin's trademark red-soled shoes... Notice Bella is wearing some haute couture kicks! :)  That's my girl!


I used Pixie Pink paper and embossed the background with the 'Bug.

For the flowers, I used YoYo Yellow, Gable Green, Only Orange, Rose Red and Eggplant Envy.

For the Feeling Groovy, I used a $10 alphabet set from Wally World, and the same colors (except no Eggplant Envy).

Finally, I slapped on some of the Stylized Silver HodgePodge Hardware (henceforth called HPH!) and pierced the corners of the bella.  (Note to self: NO paper piercing when giant dog wants attention!)


As usual, I am most disappointed in my photographic quality - the card is much more fun in real life. Imagine if Beate's or Cambria's (et al!) photos don't do the art justice?  Oh, man... I feel so inadequate!  (JUST JOSHIN'!)  Like I said in a previous post, I aspire to be one of the stamping Big Girls one day! :) 


Happy Monday, Kids!


Catherine said...

OMW.... this is so cute, love the colors that you used =)

Stampvamp said...

Groovy indeed!