Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Are you ready? I mean, REALLY ready for this?

***If you are looking for Twilight Tuesday Inspiration Challenges... they immediately follow this post!***

A Stampinsanity project post that has nothing to do with Twilight... :) Catch your breath - head between the knees if necessary... Better? I decided to prove that I have indeed done other things over the last 20-plus weeks since Tonya and I began this crazy trading-Twilight-projects-cum-TTIC challenge. I remember my first Twiject - I made Tonya a card with little fang/bite marks. I don't think I was even finished reading Twilight at that time! Going through my workspace, it was amazing (nay, shocking!) to find how many Twiject/projects I have done! What I have NOT done in these 20ish weeks is any sort of scrapbooking of my family (I am still currently about 7 years behind on my 7 year old's life albums...) Ugh... that's my mission - to get some of these gazillion photos and memories into albums. Oh yeah - and to get birthday and holiday cards out TIMELY!! My dh actually asked me if he should start buying cards (*gasp*) and sending them himself, after he reminded me that he didn't get one for Christmas. And that his father's birthday was that very day, which was also his birthday, (I know - no excuse for forgetting that one. You'd think...) for which I DID have this card made for. Embarassingly simple, but effective! Hey, in my defense, I didn't think he cared about my cards! I was wrong - collective "awwww"... bravo! I knew I could count on you for some faux-empathy. :)

Oh yeah, the other thing I have done in these same 20ish weeks... is read over 35 books! Yes, this includes re-reading a couple of series book, but still... That is valuable stampin' time, and I am torn between two loves (lovers? I should write a song about that...) when I have that precious, precious down time. So the long and short of it is this: I have to get back on my Stampin' Up horse ~ my customers are clamoring for my next Stamp Camp, and I have sorely neglected them!! Bad demonstrator! Bad upline! Bad, bad, bad! On that note - I am retiring to my comfy bed, with my way too pristine SU catalog and will begin that Spring Fling prep. :) Oh well - until Lost comes on... hopefully it won't suck as bad as it did last week! Gawd...

Until next time - probably on TTIC Tuesday... :)
****UPDATE:  Lost most definitely did NOT suck this week!!  Awesome!****


Rebecca said...

My stamping has been suffering while I am reading like a maniac, too! Its too bad I haven't figured out how to STAMP and READ at the same time! LOL! I guess I could try audiobooks while stamping.

Love this card, btw!

Eve said...

NO LOST did not suck.
But again...not enough JACK!
Him in the back seat of the van was terrible lighting.

stampvamp said...

Audiobooks while stamping, that's what i do!! I love this card Beth! Beautiful!

Jane said...

I'm right there with you. I read 3-4 books a week. Also try to make enough new things to share something every couple days on my blog. And I work full time, drive 10 hours a week to/from work, and have two children under the age of 11. Whew! Reading time is usually late at night (till 4:30a.m. this morning!)


Julie said...

Wow -- everyone is saying the same thing -- I can't seem to manage to both stamp and read in the same period of time either. If I'm on a kick with one, the other always suffers. I might have to try the audiobook thing!

And the card is just lovely - really, really pretty!