Thursday, September 25, 2008

My Lovely Vampires

I know, I know... this Twilight obsession is getting outta control. It is just such a visual, lovely story. *sigh* Plus, StampVamp has started doing her own Twilight-inspired masterpieces, so I have to keep up! :) ANY-hoo... Here is my inspiration for this one:

And this one, if you are familiar with Twilight at all, you know that Edward *sigh* "dazzles" in every way. Hence this one:

It is exceptionally hard to capture Pearl Ex on film - if you have never seen or used it, you are missing out! It is very subtle and shimmery. In this picture, it looks grey, when in facy, it is just the Basic Black cardstock with shimmery Micro Pearl powder blended into it. (The fourish is from Baroque Motifs, and was stamped with VersaMark ink.) Both quotes are from the first book.

Yeah, I am sufficiently dazzled. By Edward *sigh*, not the card! lol Who wouldn't be dazzled by him: Wholly selfish eye candy for the blog mistress here... :)

I make no apologies! :) I'll be back with more cards and some FABULOUS samples from Amazing Jane's meeting a couple of weeks back... Stay Tuned!

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Stampvamp said...

Very nice! I love both of them!!