Thursday, September 4, 2008


I have nothing new to share - well, to be brutally honest, nothing WORTH sharing!  I have, unfortunately had to whip up 2 more sympathy cards using my all-time favorite calla lilies ~ but I didn't want to post the same set over and over!  Everything else was basically junkBUT!  There is hope, and I will tell you why...  I am engrossed in an amazing series of books that has my mojo-a-flo-flo-ing!  Unfortunately, said obsession doesn't leave time for stamping.  Or cleaning.  Or sleeping, for that matter!  Once they are done, I am inspired to create!  The books are so beautifully and vividly written that I have images in my brain (hopefully, I will find stamps to match!) that will have to surface somehow.  So, for now... Have a wonderful week! 

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Stampvamp said...

Rock on girlfriend...see ya on the flip side.