Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Back to Buzz-ness... & So You Think You Know Vampires?

Ok, I get a Lame-O Award for that one... but since I'm time-crunched for an appropriate pun-riddled title... it stays, hon. (Ouch - and the hits keep coming...) Sorry for that. Truly. Sincerely.

Anyhoo... I finally, nay, actually took photos of some of my latest projects. Which implies that I remembered to do so BEFORE sending them off... I know! - will wonders never cease?! Now, I can hear Tonya groaning all the way from Texas... YES! I BOUGHT THE DAMN BEE SET! The little ones look like the Anne Geddes babies or those weird Snow Babies... kinda cute. Or maybe I was sleep deprived and imbibing some Bailey's. It's a mystery. ...But I digress! My point, and I did have one on some level, was that they struck me as cute - in a completely NOT-my-normal-kind-of-cute way. Maybe I could draw some fangs in... now that would be cute! Oh SNAP! You know I'm just gonna have to now... rambling streams of consciousness can be very dangerous! Sheesh!! Can you say ADD? My point is my project... talk about taking the scenic route:

PS -if you have never visited my blog before - welcome! But don't expect much for details a la most craft blogs... I'll gleefully supply you my 'recipe' if you ask! Oh yeah - my camera is still having issues, so the picture is crap. Gah!

Now - VAMPIRES! Yippeee! One of my very favorite blogs is The League of Reluctant Adults... just the name alone is freaking awesome! Man, if that doesn't describe me.... In all seriousness, this is a group of wonderful authors, (ok, so I haven't been able to read them all, but I am dilligently working on it - and have yet to be disappointed!) who share themselves through their blogs... it is freakin' fantastic! (Michelle Rowen ROCKS! Definitely check her out. Immortality Bites! 12 days, baby!) I SO love the internet! Back on point... the League (well, Molly Harper of said League) is having a Vampire Trivia Contest this Friday, March 20. Not that you should enter, because I will be winning it... just thought you might like to share in my glorious butt-kicking. :)

Happy Wednesday!


thriftmau said...

What a cute card Beth, the coloring on the bee hive is awesome. TFS

stampvamp said...

Did someone forget their pill this morning???? The bee set...LOL... your card is seriously cute. I'm actually thinking of getting that set too. It's funny how things grow on you after awhile. One of my friends made an adorable project using this set and she totally changed my mind on it.

Beth said...

Clearly, I did not take enough pills this am! COMPLETELY OT: WHY are vitamins so damn big? We can put a man on the moon but we cannot make a frickin' throat-sized multivitamin? Just wondering...