Friday, October 31, 2008

FYI - Eve Rocks!

On the off-chance you haven't seen her amazing creations (she especially smokes the Twilight Tuesday Inspiration Challenges) CLICK HERE!  Right now!  Don't wait another second!

Any-hoo...  We Twi-hards stick together. Check out this surprise I found in my mailbox last week, as I was cruising out of town and filled with stress... :)  P1020016  She is so frickin' COOL!  How thoughtful was that?  This paper is amazing - to look at it, you would swear it is some sort of fiber/cloth, but it isn't.  It's gorgeous - I just want to look at it... I can't bring my self to cut it up, yet... :)    And, friends, she made Twilight earrings. P1020017 Seriously ~ she did it herself!  I have a pair on right now!  (Along with one of my Twilight t-shirt, but I digress...)  They are dang cute.  I guarantee I will get compliments - I cannot wear Twilight anything without luring out a fan or two!  Eve also found apple brads!  How funny!  I may have to do a project that themes on the initial cover...  I cannot resist those brads! 

But, being me, I am making myself late for the kiddo's Halloween parade ~ did we ever get out early on Halloween?  I tend to think not...  hmmm.  Private schools ~ what are ya gonna do?

THANK YOU SOOO MUCH, EVE!  You brightened my day~ my week, really!  You rock!


Eve said...

You are welcome - it was my pleasure!
Thanks for the HUGE shout out!

Anonymous said...

I've got it!! The paper is like a micro-suede!! THAT is it!! Eve totally rocks!! WHOOT WHOOT! for Eve!!