Tuesday, October 21, 2008

TTIC #4 ~ Twilight Tuesday, Hooray!

It's Twilight Tuesday again! That means another card inspired by Stephenie Meyer's gift to vamp lovers everywhere ~ the Twilight saga!

This week, we were to be inspired by my girl, Alice Cullen! This girl rocks out loud. I absolutely LOVE Alice! And, for the record, I think that whoever is responsible for casting Ashley Greene in the movie deserves some massively cool award. She is perfect. (Isn't Jas just adorable in that picure, too?!)

So, we know Alice can see into the future, once decisions have been made, et al. She is considered to be especially talented among the vamps in Meyerland. She oozes haute couture style (even rocking it in rural Washington state!) and is a girl who can seriously kick some ass when need be! She is loyal, and has an awesome way of relating to her family and friends. You can always rely on Alice, and she takes that very seriously. She just rocks... have I said that yet? So here is what I came up with with, with Alice in mind:

The lovely Eve sent me this photo after I spent a whole email gushing about Alice's awesomeness and the fabulous casting of AG ~ look at those Topaz eyes! Awesome picture! (Thanks for sharing it, Eve!)

What ability would you have?

If I could choose a supernatural ability, I would totally opt for the ability to alter time. I would like to be able to go back and revisit, and go forward to see what's up. Particularly, on the heels of reading Twilight, I would love to go back and revisit high school ~ I would remind myself that HS is one of the greatest times in life, and that failing my driving test the first time (WHAT?!) wasn't really the end of the world... Is there a character on Heroes for that? :) Plus, I would really like to jump ahead a few years and see what the new Prez will do... or jump ahead about a month to the TWILIGHT opening! :)

Check out these awesome submissions for the challenge, too:

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Anonymous said...

I absolutely love this! What size is it? Are you going to make a special scrapbook or something for Twi?

Eve said...

LOVE this one all the way around!
And yes- that picture is the final piece to your wonderfully creative puzzle!
LOVE it!

Danielle said...

Love it! You did a wonderful job capturing Alice!