Thursday, October 23, 2008


P1010961 Scared ya, didn't I?  More like surprised, with a BTTP ~ a Between-The-TTICs-Post.    Yeah, I know.  But I have been into some REALLY awesome books lately.  The kind you can't put down - awesome.  :)   I found some SUPER cute Halloween acrylics at Mike's of all places.  They are finally catching on!   I figured I should actually USE those Copics that I spent so much money on...  and this is what I came up with.    I was totally goofing off mindlessly, but I think the images are cute enough to save the composition, huh?  That mouse cracks me up!


Now, this one was fun - I love skulls.  P1010962Does that mean there is something 'amiss' in my life?  hee hee.    Again, I wasn't putting a lot of thought or planning into these.  I swirled the ink on the vellum and layered it over the other image of the Jolly Roger.  I also colored the skull on the base layer with my white gel pen.  It looks groovy IRL.  

Now, since I have done so much hard work today (NOT!), the next one is a foreshadow of what comes after Spawn goes to bed...


Have a spooky, spectacular and cocktail-icious day!


Eve said...

What? You have a life and craft in between TTIC???
I am salivating for the next challenge!
Love your cards!

Stampvamp said...

hahahahha! SIGH...

I love your cards! What an awesome job you've done. Could you please send me or tell me the name of the font you are using on your credits? I really like your martini. Did you use your Cricut?

Claireabelle said...

I love these! Happy Halloween