Tuesday, October 28, 2008

TTIC#5 Twilight Tuesday - Team Jake baby!

Ok, so I am late...  Note to self: NO open containers allowed on the craft table...

Twilight Tuesday Inspiration Challenge #5...........

It's TUESDAY!!!! 
Which team are you on? Team Edward (how BORING!) Team Jacob or are you Undecided?

This week we address the almighty issue of Teams...  Certainly, with Twilight, it is inevitable that Edward is THE man, uh, vampire, of Bella's heart and the core of the saga.  (Especially with that hottie they have playing him in the upcoming movie!)  Team Edward is too easy (I will remain silent and refrain from all the jabs that are flooding my mind, since my boy Jake is getting slammed all over the place!) and to be Switzerland is way to politically correct for me!  :)  But, you know... being ME, I have to go with the underdog - pun intended - and I went with Team Jacob.  After he is done being, well a youngish teenager, he really becomes a great wolfie! :)    We can debate his relationship with Bella until the wolves come out, but I like Jake.  And in New Moon, when he is telling his story - I laugh my fool head off at the way he talks and thinks.  Jake rocks!  

team jake carde

Don't forget to check out Tonya's and Eve's blogs for their TTIC masterpieces!  Are YOU playing?  Enter your link in a comment!  We are always looking for more people to play with! :)

Added 10-29:  Check out this awesome submission by Julie!


Eve said...

LOVE it! Makes me want to strip my clothes off (tied to my ankle of course!) and run thru the forest!
I will admit Jacob does crack me up- so I won't BASH him. I just LOVE Edward!
Great job again Beth!
PS- if anyone reads this post- and has not read these books, they might think I am strange! However I know you get it!

Beth said...

ROFL! I was actually thinking that I would lurk out there until he changes back and needs said clothes... :)

And thanks for being kind to my guy! :)

Anonymous said...

WHA!!! You told me a long time ago you were JOKING about being Team Jacob!! REBEL!! ROFL @ Eve!! Your card is fab but I wish I had seen the other one...!!! You can get that stamp written the other way...if you MUST. I like your card a lot. I'm assume you used your new Cricut.
Umm..would you be referring to Breaking Dawn or do you, in fact, mean..New Moon?

Beth said...

Oh who knows - whichever one Jake tells the story in! I am having such a day it is a miracle I even know my name! LOL

No, I used the old SU leaf punches and a branch punch I found somewhere along the line. They are all McGill punches. I guess I did use the Cricut for the letters...

My. Name. Is... huh, what?

I like Jake because he is more real, and I will take humor & personality over elegance any chance I can! Eddie is too "perfect". But, in all honesty - I cannot REALLY, whole-heartedly choose a side because they are so different, and Switzerland is just a cop-out! :) I SO wish he didn't imprint on a dang baby, though...

Now, Bill Compton & Eric Northman on the other hand...

Julie said...

Hey there Beth! This looks awesome -- there is a definite woodsy, La Push, Jacob feel to it. Beautiful job! Love the lettering and the leaves.

I played along too -- but...for the other team. With this being an election year, we can hear from both sides, right? (wink) :)

~ Julie




Danielle said...

Love the card! I am glad that Jacob has you on his team!

Julie said...

A shout-out for me?!! OME, thank you so much! I missed that until today -- it was nice of you to link to me!