Tuesday, November 4, 2008

TTIC #6 ~ Blame it on the Rain...


For this week, we were challenged to channel the lovely Forks weather... ummm, RAIN. The whole time I was brainstorming, I kept hearing Milli Vanilli in the background. HA! Anyhow, the rain is almost as palpable as a character in this story. So much hinges on that single factor - The Cullens reside there because of it; Bella commiserates in it and feels her joy that much more vibrantly because of it... she even almost bites it (sorry, vampire humor) because of freezing rain! I read somewhere that the cast and crew actually did "rain dances", of sorts, to keep the clouds and rain in place to authenticate filming! Funny, huh?


This simple little card took forever! I brayered the sky with Not Quite Navy, Night of Navy and then used a napkin to rub off some areas. I also sponged a little Whisper White craft ink into those spots to show small 'breaks' in the clouds. For some reason, I always thin of the scene just prior to Edward saving her in the parking lot, where the rain was freezing on the ground... I imagine the chill, and even tough there was no snow on the ground at the time, I imagine it that way. (I'm from Maine - there is ALWAYS a little patch of snow SOMEwhere!) :) So, in keeping with that incorrect 'vision', I used my Versamarker to paint in some snow on the ground and in the pine tree (Mainers know that there is always snow stuck in the corners of the pine boughs, too!) and embossed it with clear powder before using my markers to add in the grass. Finally, I used my Cricut to cut out the title and then patted it in the WW craft in for the 'cloudy' effect.

Do you get the feeling that I am embracing Autumn in my last few projects??


Eve said...

WOW! I totally get everything you did with this card. Great ideas.
I love the sun light rays streaming thru.
I will try to compete- but not sure I can!

Anonymous said...

The minute I saw your title that song popped in my head! Awesome job with your card! And fab observations!! I'm loving what you are doing with your Cricut!

Julia said...

BEAUTIFUL CARD!!!!! You did a great job with the colors and the look of rain melting the snow away!

Julie said...

As Tonya said, I thought of Milli Vanilli right away too!

This card is truly gorgeous -- your coloring is unbelievable. Really beautiful!

Danielle said...

Awesome job on this! You are soooo good!

Margie said...

Wow! Great card! I love everything about it :)
Very kind of you to comment me! I really appreciate it ;)
Thnx! xoxo, margie