Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Twilight Tuesday ~ TTIC#8

Can you believe it?! The movie opens in 3 DAYS! That makes this this the final, pre-movie TTIC! tticteamsmallerbella37289promophoto
This week I chose the topic, and the theme is Bella. Simple, huh? Nope - there is so much going on with that girl! There are a million ways to go with this one. For me, though, it was pretty obvious... so I call this one the Juxtaposition of Bella Swan. Clearly this girl is a lesson in confusion and opposition. The good girl, dutiful and trustworthy, nurturing of her family and a pure-hearted caregiver to both of her parents on the one hand, then she is also this voraciously obsessive girl who somehow 'knows' that she is to devote her entire (literally!) existence to another "17" year old on the other - oh, yeah, a "17" year old VAMPIRE. Effectively ditching the 'safe' (in more ways than one!) for a relationship with a supernatural, mythical being. Huh-what? But that is what makes her so interesting. 'Fess up, there are times when you want to donate a hearty V8 "thunk" on her forehead. She's naive, but she's brave. She's smart, but she's naive. She's brave, but she's scared. But above it all, she is sure that she is destined to be with Edward. *sigh* Young love...bella2TTIC8

So, I went obvious - white roses for her purity and humanity, and black for the obsession and desire to be immortal. (I know we are supposed to stick to the first novel, but my creation encompasses everything I know of Bella from the entire saga.)


As 'cuddly' (as I call them) as the vamps in Meyerland are - well, the Cullens, anyway - vampires are still vampires, so I depicted them with black roses.

The second part to my challenge was to describe how you relate to Bella, and/or to find a quote that was particularly meaningful or amusing. I went with identifiable. Definitely identifiable:

Sometimes I wondered if I was seeing the same things through my eyes that the rest of the world was seeing through theirs. Maybe there was a glitch in my brain.
Bella Swan, Twilight, Chapter 1, p.11


Eve said...

Dang girl....
I am loving this card- and your inspiration for making it.
It totally all comes together!
Wonderful work Beth.

Danielle said...

WOW, how beautiful! How... Bella!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I'm totally into your critique! How thoughtful of you...!! You know I seriously love this project even though you wouldn't let me copy it. You absolutely ROCKED this one GF. YAFA.

Rebecca said...

GORGEOUS!!! Love your card and your roses! And your black/red blog wallpaper!

Margie said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Love the flowers!

Julie said...

What a great card -- it's beautiful! And your interpretation of Bella is really thoughtful and insightful. Beautiful job!

Tracy B. said...

Relating to Bella: I am clumsy and not confident. I try not to make a spectakle of myself. jerryb17011@yahoo.com