Thursday, November 13, 2008

This is the End~

...beautiful friend. The End. (Raise your hand if you are hearing the incomparable Jim Morrison and the Doors...) Yeah, the Doors rank right up there with my lovely vampires and Stampin' Up. :) What can I say, I have eclectic taste! Anyhoo... we just wrapped up this year's Stamp Club, Card Makingand I am a little sad. This was a fun group. Most of them were very new to stamping and now they are pros! *pats self on the back* I was a little surprised to to learn that a few Clubbers pop in here once in a while. Vampire adoration and all... Vampire

So, here are the last *sniff* projects we did. The card, which I will say is one of my all time favorites, and a gussied up version of a Jane Raulin-Kissel creation, is one I want to continue to play around with. Other colors and different embellishments. Such a classic looking card - so not my normal creation! (Which is why I CASE!) Although, by some freak of nature, I do SO love the color pink (she said while typing with her trademark black fingernails). I also got to try out the new vanilla hodgepodge hardware. Everyone should have these! I devised a trick to keep the punches in place and now I am all about HPHW! Go order both colors NOW - it is so worth it! $10 Gift Certificate to anyone who buys both online - that's how 'worth it' I think it is!

Here's a hint when working with HPHW: Attach the punch out to your project with dimensionals. It holds it in place, and 'fills' up the space between the hardware and the card base. Works like a charm. Awesome And how awesome is this vanilla hardware I raved of earlier... I LOVE it!

Moving right along... I thought these next 3x3's would be great for little gifts. A bit more than a tag, but less than a full card. I'll be using lots of these types on packages this year. Act surprised!
See you on Twilight Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

These are fab! I really love the Christmas cards. I love the roses too...I can't believe I haven't ordered that set yet! I love roses!!

Eve said...

I love the rose card- very romantic.
Hey- do this in shades of black and red...and suddenly it is a TWILIGHT