Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Welcome 2009 ~ and a New TTIC challenge! (#13 if you're counting!)

This week's challenge is to capture the spirit of the supporting characters.  The ones we dig, that just don't get the love that they deserve.   I went with the Quileutes... especially in the later books, I just want to hug them all!  Especially Seth - he's so cute!  I was even going to honor them by putting their names along the bottom.  But, in my sleepy stupor, I started to write Seth Rogen instead of Seth Clearwater.  So, I scrapped that idea!  I know these are supposed to be supporting characters, but I couldn't resist tying clothes to my wolf's left hind leg... I gotta assume Jake isn't the only one who carries his duds around like that!P1020321  And I made him rust colored, like my boy, but then there are only so many colors of wolfies now, right?  ...Come to think of it, this would've made a great Jacob entry...  BAH!   I mean, WOOF!



And, Part Two of the challenge is to name your least favorite character.  Yeah - Lauren.  What a catty, self-centered, two-faced brat!  Yep - I said it.  She is exactly what I dislike in humankind - and the kicker is, she is so sure she is all that and a bag of chips.  (Wow -dating myself there, huh?)  That is such a turn off for me - but I suppose every high school in America has a Lauren or two.    Blech...

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Danielle said...

Way to awesome! I am so loving the clothes tied to his leg.

Eve said...

You thought of everything!

Anonymous said...

This is too awesome! What a brilliant idea to tie the "clothes" to the wolf's leg! You definitely have it going on with those Quileutes! I love the La Push sign you made. Everything is awesome as usual.

deconstructing jen said...

Love it. And very subtle with the Jake references, very subtle. ;)

Very creative use of the theme. :) I'm really enjoying reading all these!!

Julie said...

What a great job you did with this! I LOVE the detail of the clothes on the wolf's leg -- what an inspired idea. Really thoughtful -- excellent job!

Rebecca said...

Love love love the rust colored wolf and all the details, like the bandage on the leg - just fantastic!

thriftmau said...

How totally cool is this??!! What a great interpretation of Seth. TFS