Sunday, December 21, 2008

3 Days to go... Oh my!

I saw Eve's post with her wonderful little book boxes for her kids' teachers...  well, I CASE'd.  I'm a copycat, I admit it.  Tonya did something similar a few months back, too.  Mine is basically a hybrid of the two.  Eve's is super-constructed with heavy duty book binding supplies, and Tonya used layered cardstock.  I knew that mine had to be a little more durable since it is going to be transported to school by my son, *EGADS!*  but there is no chance I am putting in that kind of effort into it.  I'm just too typically behind the eight ball this year.  :)   SO, I stalked my home for notepads an used the cardboard backing for these.  That was probably the hardest part of the project!  I sized them down to gift card width (one gets chocolate with her gift card as an inside joke.)  Eventually - in the next 8-9 hours, I plan to decorate these little cuties.  There is so much potential!  Enough yammering - here they are... and notice there is nary a single reference to anything vampiric... :)

P1020175I also made these tins - for my two moms' gifts.  Since they don't read my blog, it's safe to show these, too.  My MIL about PIHP when she saw the one I did with Tonya when I was in Tx this year.  She is so cute, so I can do nothing but oblige her.  I have the coolest in-laws in history. 

Anyhoo - the pink one is for my Mom and the blue one for my MIL.  They will both love them!

P1020169 P1020171 Notice the old SAB rub-ons on the lids!  See???  Hoarding pays off... sometimes. :)

Happy Football Sunday!  (I love them!)  Go Pats! :)


Anonymous said...

These are all adorable!!! Great job!

Eve said...

These turned out great!
Okay now- I want directions. It sounds like you simplified the complicated ones I made!

Margie said...

Awesome gifts! I love what you did with the tins! I have one and have been wondering what to do with it, plus, I want to redo the one I did for myself a couple of months back... TFS!!!

Danielle said...

Way too cute! I know they will love them!