Tuesday, December 2, 2008

TTIC#10 ~ the new beginning! I'm... Esme?

esmeWelcome back! This marks the new beginning of the Twilight Tuesday Inspiration Challenge! We are so excited to introduce some new Design Team Members, and with that - more interpretations of our favorite Twilight topics! Never a bad thing!! Join in the fun and link back with your own weekly submissions... the more players, the more fun the game!! :)

This week, we are challenged to determine which female Twilight character we are. (Click HERE to take the quiz for yourself - you may be surprised!) In case her lovely photo, or the headline, for that matter, didn't clue you in... I seem to be Esme. The caring Mama Cullen. She is soft and sweet, kind and giving... which led me to this submission for the crafter's challenge:


Not to be confused with any Hall of Fame-worthy pieces! This is actually much more appealing in person - the flower is subtle, but not as much as the photo allows. I used SU Color Wonder Crayons and water to get the soft, watercolored look, which I LOVE! I chose Bashful Blue because it feels the "gentlest" of our colors. And as vampires go, Esme is clearly the gentlest - well, maybe tied with her handsome hubby.

I feel some reworking of this one coming on... Anytime I mess around with those fantastic Rhinestone Brads, I overdo it! Anyhow, I'll get back to you on that one. In the meantime - visit our other Design Team members and see what they've done this week!









Eve said...

I am Esme too!
I love your card and the colors you used are perfect!
Lovely- just like Esme!

Rebecca said...

I love this! I don't use my bashful blue often enough, its soft and pretty, very Esme!

Danielle said...

Hello fellow Esme! Love, love, love your card! So beautiful!

Anonymous said...

OME!!! This is gorgeous!! I want to see it bigger...will you send it to me? I ADORE ADORE ADORE this...put it in the box you are sending me...eventually.

Julie said...

Beautiful job with Esme (I'm an Esme as well) -- so soft and beautiful. You hit just the right note with this!

Deconstructing Jen said...

Beth that is wonderful! It really embodies Esme's calm sweet personality! Excellent work. :D

Tessa said...

This is so soft and pretty!