Tuesday, January 13, 2009

TTIC#14 ~ Vampire Baseball!

This week's challenge comes from Eve, who wanted us to channel the amazing Vampire Baseball scene. I love that scene! Is that whole baseball story just ridiculously clever on the author's part? Being a sports nut, that is one of my very favorite scenes in the entire saga! As much as I don't like Rosalie, I love that the girly-girl gets up there and jacks 'em outta there, just like the big boys! And Alice, who I most definitely do NOT hate - she rocks that ball all over the mountainside, too! Awesome. Love it! So, I came up with this very Vampire Baseball card!baseball As Bella said, and really, who wouldn't upon such a revelation, "Vampires like baseball?" LOVE. IT. I also tossed in a quote of Jasper's, mainly because I just love the guy and I think he doesn't get NEAR the love he should. (Let's keep this to book Jas, and not movie Jas, who just seemed creepy...) :)

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Have a fangtastic Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

Beth--I LOVE this card! I can hear MUSE playing when I open it!! How did you do the Twilight font on the card? That's so cool!

I immediately thought of the stitching on a ball as well, and glad to see you did, too.


Rebecca said...

OM JACOB!!!! You completely rocked this! I absolutely love this card, every detail in incredible. And I loved your comments about the girls and "book Jas" not "movie Jas" (which I completely agree on!they could have done so much better with movie Jas!).

Danielle said...

What a beautiful card!! Everything about is just rocks!

deconstructing jen said...

Oh my. I love that!!! Amazing work Beth. :D

Julie said...

Wow -- amazing work on this! Every detail is just perfection -- you nailed it!

Eve said...

Love it!
Great job Beth. Love the quote you picked!

Margie said...

I'm in love with this card! The quotes, ribbon, clouds, lettering - all awesome! Great work!!!

Leigh (Modern Mommy) said...

It's projects like this that make me feel like the digi projects on my part are cheating somehow. The detail is beautiful. And you're right, Jasper doesn't get NEARLY enough love. Great job!!!

thriftmau said...
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thriftmau said...

Great, great, great! I agree Jasper doesn't get enough love. TFS