Tuesday, January 20, 2009

TTIC#15 ~ Twilight Cars...

This week Margie challenges us to channel the Cullens love of fast cars! Here is Magnificent Margie, in her own words:

***I love how each character has their own specific vehicle to fit their personality/needs.
Comment portion will be: What would be your ideal Twilight car? and why?
Challenge portion: Create a Twilight inspired "car" item.***

I am a certifiable gear-head, so I was totally excited about the hot cars those sexy Cullens drove. And, let's get this clear - movie Volvo is the baby version of book Volvo. THAT was a letdown in the "details-I-was-lookin'-for-in-the-movie" department. But, I digress... The first time I read Bella getting snotty over the "stupid shiny Volvo owner" in he parking lot, I about choked on my Coke! That is just a funny line - gets me giggling every time!

cullen cars So, my car inspired item is this humongous key ring. Yup - this baby is about 6 1/2" wide! I was thinking about putting my own keys on it! Then it occurred to me that it would drive (ba-dum-bah) me nuts hitting my knee while I'm driving. Oh well - it was a nice idea, albeit brief.

And, well, I'm a Volvo girl - and since I have a kiddo, and a ginormous dog, my car of choice is a Volvo V70R. Fast, baby, fast ~ and Dum-Dum* has her place to lay down. :) *Although, in Dum-Dum's defense, she likes the seatbelt and open-window of dh's backseat... I love my Dummy girl! woof

Don't forget to share your pictures at http://www.twilighttuesday.com/, and be sure to check out the other Design Team submissions!

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Have a fangtastic Tuesday!

*****The complete series of MOONLIGHT is out on DVD!!!**** <-- Sexy vampire alert! Alex O'Loughlin, baby. Check it out!


stampvamp said...

Tooo cute!!! I think I'm going to use you and Eve as inspiration..

Danielle said...

I just love it! What a great saying!
You should see my key ring. I have more charms than I do keys! LOL!

Eve said...

Great project Beth!
Your car is adorable as well!

Julie said...

Great project, Beth - and I really enjoyed reading your post! And Moonlight! I'd been wanting to see that, not so much for the vamp, but because my favorite guy from my ALL-TIME favorite show, Veronica Mars, was on that show. Jason Dohring is his name; I don't know who he played on the show.

(If you need some rental suggestions -- RENT VERONICA MARS. Greatest show ever -- you won't be disappointed!)

deconstructing jen said...

that is too funny Beth!! Great idea to make a keychain. Why didn't I think of that?!? :D

I love Moonlight! Are there going to be more episodes?

Rebecca said...

Love the keychain! What a great "out of the box" project!

PS I loved Moonlight too, Mick St. John :-) {big grins}

Gina said...

any car with Edward arriving in it is a keeper!

Steph said...

when I saw the Volvo in the movie was like "wth?" My friend was like "what is your problem?" I replied, "That is NOT the Volvo!"

Steph said...

sorry for all the- "I said 'like"...I'm not a Valley girl, I promise. LOL

Tracy B. said...

Even before the movie, whenever I'd see a Volvo it reminded me of Edward. So, to choose a different car would be odd to me...I think any kind (but an SUV or truck) would still be smokin' if he were in it!!! Thanks. jerryb17011@yahoo.com