Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ok, I’m having a little trouble coming up with a catchy title for this post…  “I’ve Been Bit.  And Smit.”  No.   “Dearly Smitten”.   Meh…   “Look AT ME – I’m a FAMOUS”.  Fat frickin’ chance!  :)   So CLEARLY, I have an issue with tooting my own horn, but something pretty stinkin’ cool has happened in my little world… I got to make a layout for one of my favourite authors, Michelle Rowen – and she totally dug it!  For real!  Check it out.  I can imagine no better combination than my two great loves (obvious family, friends, etc aside, of course!) than to use my favourite books to inspire my craft.   Bitten and smitten project Anyhoo – I really love the Immortality Bites series because I think the writing is fab and the main character, Sarah Dearly, completely and utterly kicks ass.  She’s endearingly sarcastic, says what she thinks, deals with life’s trial through humour and does her best to do what she feels is right.  Hmmmm… sounds familiar.  :)   And, ah, HELLOOO, the leading man-vamp is basically a brooding Hugh Jackman.  Yeah… that’s a reaaally nice bonus to the story.  Super nice.  And, said brooding, hot vamp has an equally sexy name: Thierry De Boennicoeur.  Niiiice.   Anyway – I tried to clip and crop a couple of close ups of the layout, because I chose a couple of my favourite quotes from Michelle’s favorite scene from Bitten.  {FYI: From here on out: ImmBites, and B&S!  ‘Cuz I’m a little lazy like that.}  Bitten and smitten project3Also, I found this really cool excerpt that you should check out – because you will definitely want to read the book after this!     Seriously – how funny is to hear a vampire say that being one sucks?  This book is funny and engaging and touching and just an all around great read.  You jump right into the plot and there is constant development throughout.  I should apply for a marketing job with MR’s publisher, huh?   Bitten and smitten project2 Anyway – I had a lot of fun creating this for Michelle, and as much as I avoid cliches (as I should with the puns, I know) it was very satisfying to give something back.  I’ve enjoyed the books that much.  I think everyone should make a card or objet d’art especially for an author who has touched your life in some way.  Link back here  -  maybe we can start an Author Appreciation day over at TwilightTuesday. :)  Happy Reading!   TDaF 

Oh, and ‘cuz I can, and I LOVE this cover! --> they both look great and I totally want that ring! :)

music note While writing this, I was listening to "Closer" by Kings of Leon


1) I am such a PUTZ!  THANK you for your kind words, Michelle and everyone who has left comments.  You make me blush!

2) Tall, Dark & Fangsome releases on Aug 25th – I’m SO not a patient person.


Anonymous said...

I'm so proud of you! This layout is truly fantastic. I wish I could've seen it in real life. The clouds look so darn cool!!! I love it all...and purple...can't beat THAT!! You rock!

Dani said...

That is just the neatest thing!! Congrats and making such a wonderful scrap page for such a great book!

Beth said...

PS- Tall Dark & Fangsome releases on Aug 25th. I hate waiting! :)

Steph said...

Beth, this is fantastic!! how incredible :)

You sold me on this series, I'm totally going to check it out

She's going to frame it!? how cool is that!!!