Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter Cards! (Better late than never)

Yay!  easter2I actually got my cards out timely this year… just not posted.  I have to say that considering how much I detest the bunny stamp set… the cards turned out pretty well.  I made a couple of the bunnies gray – and that’s what I should have photographed.  Can’t win ‘em all… or so they tell me.    And because I cannot be pigeonholed into making all my cards the same – I save that madness for Christmastime ONLY! – here is another one I sent out… easter1 It is a CASE of a CASE I did for my Spring Fling camp last month.  Who says you can’t recycle a good design?  Not me… :)   The last one, well, you’ll see it is already sealed in it’s clear envelope (‘cause I’m a closet applause whore – why else would I blog this stuff?!) so the picture pretty much sucks.  Sorry about that!  Good news is, I finally got my camera fixed – took the guy all of 2 minutes of button pushing. eastr3 Talk about humbling.  Anyhoo – my son is waiting to view the TiVo’ed (new!) SpongeBob, so I really should get to that… Life is good. :)


stampvamp said...

First, these are adorable. don't like THAT bunny? That's the best bunny SU! has made in YEARS!!!

Dani said...

Awww, I like the bunny! :)
Great cards!