Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A NEW Challenge! TTSVC1 ~ Dead Until Dark (Sookie/Southern Vamp bk1)

music note While writing this, I was listening to "C'mon C'mon" by The Von Bondies

You all know by now just how much I love a good vampire bat story – if you don’t, then I have to wonder who’s blog you’ve been reading all this time!! One of my very favorite series is Charlaine Harris’ Southern Vampires. You may know them as the Sookie Books, or the books on which HBO’s True Blood is based upon. (AWESOME in it’s own right – but a topic for another post!) As another aspect of TwilightTuesday, we are so excited to introduce the first Sookie Vampire challenge!

***PS – if you are looking for Jasper and TTIC27, click HERE!***

On with the Sookie show! ***If you haven’t read the books yet – and dare I ask, WHY THE HECK NOT?! – you should skip the rest of my post. It is just too good a story to risk being spoiled!***

Craft Portion: Create a piece that reflects book 1, "Dead Until Dark's" story.

Comment Portion: What part of the book inspired your creation and/or what part of the book really stood out to you the most!

Join us in the forum to discuss the Sookie Stackhouse Series!!!

P1020596 For the craft portion – I went with the obvious. Yep – not much ‘splaining to do here, huh? Green flowers for Merlotte’s uniforms, a little bloody martini down at the bottom. Yum – good stuff. :S I chose the quote when Sookie sees her first vampire – the beautiful Bill Compton. (Yup, Team Bill here!)

As far as my inspiration, I tried to remain very generic and non-specific to any part of the story. Overall, I LOVE LOVE LOVE these books and when I read DUD for the first time, I really enjoyed & embraced the realism of it. Seriously – no eye rolling, please… You could honestly believe that vampires had truly ‘come out of the coffin’ and were productive members of society! Heck, I even bought into the telepathic waitress and all the other good stuff! Charlaine Harris has a wonderful way of allowing us to feel this story through Sookie’s narration. Sook is astute, honest and generally a great character to have as a point of reference for the others in the story. So, if you did not heed my previous warning of spoilers, and have not yet read this book… click here and get yourself a copy right now. This is a must read – kind of like that other series… what’s it called?? oh, yes – Twilight!!!

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Anonymous said...

This is PERFECT!! Thank you so much for introducing me to Sookie! I love your layout...absolutely PERFECT!!

Julie said...

LOVE IT! I second the thanks from stampvamp - you were so kind to send me the books! I think that you might be responsible for getting so many people to read -- you are like own our Oprah! Love the layout -- it captures the vibe perfectly!

Margie said...

Perfect layout Beth!!! Outstanding!
What did you use to make the lettering? I love it!!!
You did an awesome ;)
Thanks for all of your help!!!

Dani said...

Thanks so much for telling everyone about these great books. You so rock and your layout is just awesome!!

Rebecca said...

Perfect layout! Now I need to think about my project :-)