Tuesday, May 13, 2008

It worked!

I actually scheduled that post - how lovely!  *sigh*  Yes, I was having a frustration moment...  What is really crazy is that my drawers are all labeled, and everything has it's place...  "everything" just doesn't always get there! s41725ca109704_21_0 Oh, yeah, did I mention that said 'hard-rockin' 6-year old has been "making (me) Mother's Day cards" for about 3 weeks now...  That never helps, but it is so sweet, I can overlook!


Onward and upward!  I whipped up these little cuties for my boy's wonderful teachers for Teachers' Week last week.  (Now, if I could just get him to pull them out of his backpack and give them to the teachers...)  My love for little cards is well documented...  I like these ones a lot:   closeup teacher mini

Just pretend my photo doesn't stink!  :)  I love playing with the Elementary Essentials set - I've done a lot of cute things with it!  Unfortunately, I tend to send them out without taking pictures first! The card base is Kraft CS, and the rest is pretty basic and self explanatory, as norm.   teacher mini pic  If you can't tell, I cut out a portion of the scissor blade to make it look like the sentiment was being cut.  I had a wild hair, what can I say.  And the lines are colored like elementary school, learning-to-write paper (remember that stuff?) with the red baseline, light blue center and darker blue top line.  Like I said - wild hair.                   (Gee whiz, I really need to start taking these pictures in better light.  So much for being a past student of Photography... )  Being impatient and tired, I wrote out Happy Teacher's Week, which would be infinitely cuter in Peyton's handwriting or stamped, but it was pushing midnight and that just wasn't happenin'! 


Top Secret update... I am almost done!  I like to live on the edge...  I'll share soon! 

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MacKenzie said...

Hi Beth,
I've added you to my group 2 blogroll. I just love the card you made with the elementary set. Too cute! I think I may *need* to buy it!