Thursday, April 3, 2008

FINALLY! Up for Adoption is... UP!

I got a few of my retired sets pulled out to say goodbye to. What I really need is another room in my house just for stamps! I SO envy those stampers who have the space to keep all their sets forever! It never fails, once I get rid of a set that I am definitely sure I will never use again.... yeah, you've been there too, huh... I NEED it! And nothing will work - no matter how much effort I put into making it work! I am still kicking myself for parting with Groovy. Ugh... But, these, I am pretty sure about. I hope that they will find happy and loving homes. Will it be yours??? I'll be adding onto this periodically. For now, I am outta time!

Happy Thursday!

PS! The current list is in my side bar--->


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