Monday, August 31, 2009


Follow me! The *supremely* talented and amazing Tonya has built me THE coolest, and MOST PERFECT site for StampInsanity! So here is what I need those of you who subscribe by RSS feed to do... because the blog (this one) will meet its demise shortly!

Visit the awesomeness of (sans blogspot) and subscribe to the RSS in the upper right corner of the page. That's all. I know - I ask a lot. But you will want to be getting the updates, previews and special SI info forthcoming! Like this IMPORTANT NUGGET:

***The official release date for the first two SIS sets has been pushed back to Wednesday, Sept 9!*** 09-09-09.... that's got to be lucky, or somethin', right?!

I cannot wait to share Morgan and Henry with you! And my smart alecky, ummm, wit. Yeah, wit. I'll go with that family-friendly version. :)

So, do your RSS subscribing, bookmarking, or choose your preferred way to keep up ~ because it's about to get interesting!

THANK YOU, T! You are unequivocally THE greatest human I have ever known! YAFA, chica!


Jamee said...

the new blog is so cute! i'll be following you over there :)

Melanie said...

Hi Beth, I understood your ramble (winks.) It is the CM purple square puncher that I used. I don't use it that often but like when I remember to.