Monday, June 15, 2009

TTSVC#3 ~ Sookie Stackhouse

Welcome to Twilight Tuesday’s Sookie Vampire Challenge (TTSVC) #3!

HBOTrueBloodHer This month we are drawing our inspiration from our favorite mindreading cocktail waitress, Merlotte's own Sookie Stackhouse!
Craft Portion: Create a project that embodies the uniqueness that is Sookie. Embrace her character, and show some Sookie-love!
Comment Portion: What is it about Sookie that is so captivating? Why do you suppose she was so anxious to meet a vampire? Or, how do you think her life would differ if she never met Bill that night, or if she hadn't saved him from the Rattrays? hmmm.... Choose question one or take on them all - this is sure to be a FUN challenge!

First of all – DID YOU SEE TRUE BLOOD LAST NIGHT?! Oh, stinkin’ WOW! It was SO worth the wait! *doing the happy dance* Those are some serious vampires right there! Awesome… I SO love that show! Any Team Bill out there? I mean, real Team Bill-ers… like who have to defend him to the Team Eric minions? LOL Can I just say, nanner nanner… Bill is the MAN!

Moving on to the business at hand, I really enjoy Sookie. I love her gift/curse (the whole mindreading thing) and I love how she deals with it. She snaps a smile on her face and does her best with it. She doesn't whine or hide herself away. She grins and bears it. Which is what led me to make this little matchbook card: image

‘Cuz that’s what Sookie does ~ she grins and bears it. Can you imagine having to hear everyone’s thoughts ALL the time? Eww. It would be handy for about 1% of the time. Or maybe more if you are a mom. :) That’s is what I love about her. Her Gran raised her right. She is a pure heart with a strong moral compass, who jumps headlong onto the vampire world – which is not so much of the same persuasion! And she stays true to herself. Sookie is just a great character which makes these books so enjoyable.

Margie * Jacquie

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Jacqueline said...

Oh PERFECT!! She does stay true to her character and I couldnt imagine being able to read minds! "Grin" describes her wonderfully! Great card, LOVE it!!

Anonymous said...

This is awesome! I love your choice of image. Could you send me more information on that image? I really love it!! I hope to do the Sookie Challenge this week too.

Margie said...

Perfect! You described Sookie to the tee!
I cannot imagine going around hearing so much, sounds like a constant migraine to me! ;)
Beautiful card! Love the coloring!

Donna Maria said...

Oh Beth I love this....It's so bright and vibrant!! You are sooooo talented and it is sooooo Sookie! Xx

Whoopsie Daisy! said...

What a really cool post, Beth! Newbie to Sookie and True Blood so not really in the know about things. However, that card is so awesome! Bright, bold... strong. Love it!