Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Look What I Got! I’ve been RAK’ed!

No, not “racked”! Specifically, you know, b‘cuz I am a chick, and all ~ No, I was RAK’ed with a Random Act of Kindness from a fellow Twihard! I got a postcard of Volterra – FROM VOLTERRA! Is that frickin’ COOL BEANS, or what?! Ok, ok – here it is… from tia

OH-SO-COOL, indeed. I’m keeping my note on the back to myself, ‘cause I’m selfish like that, but she does say that the views are awesome and she found some tulips painted red and white, a la the NM book cover! COOL. NESS. I would love to see that! *wink, wink, nudge, nudge* LOL Sounds like Volterra is really embracing their place in the series!! Thank you, TIA! Made my day!! Now it’s time to RAK someone… Who will YOU RAK today??? Do tell…

Yes, it IS photographed on a (clean!) pillowcase – what’s your point? LOL

If you are looking for TTIC#34, scroll down, or click HERE!


stampvamp said...

I got one too! Is she the greatest for that OR WHAT? I've got an RAK going out this week. One of our Twi friends has a birthday on Friday!

Jamee said...

Awesome RAK!!! I can't wait for New Moon to come out! They should have released the trailer in a couple of months, now I don't know if I can wait 5 1/2 months for it!