Monday, May 18, 2009

TTSVC2 ~ Fangtasia

Another day, another great vampire book challenge! I hope you have read Charlaine Harris’ Southern Vampire series – if not, why?! At the very least, you must be watching (well, right now, waiting for) True Blood! Just a few more weeks now until TB returns, but in the mean time, we will celebrate another awesome vamp series with the Sookie Vamp challenge #2:

Welcome to Twilight Tuesday Sookie Vampire Challenge (TTSVC) #2!
This month we are drawing our inspiration from Fangtasia, Eric's vampire bar in Shreveport.
Craft Portion: Create a project that screams "Fangtasia,"!
Comment Portion: Would you go there? What would you expect to see there? Let your imagination run wild! This is Fangtasia we are talking about here!

I am all over this one! Mainly because I would flippin’ LOVE to go there! Especially if Alex Skarsgard really was Eric and he really was there! *sigh* Yeah, I would totally be there. We’ve discussed SHSVVs, haven’t we? Smokin’ Hawt Swedish Viking Vampires? I am, of course, drawing a lot of inspiration from the HBO series – I LOVE LOVE LOVE that show! – and I have to say that I envisioned Fangtasia to be exactly like Alan Ball and Co did for HBO! I love the way the vamps move – and those “go-go” dancing vamps were awesome! TTSVC2 Fangtasia I’d be completely enthralled by them… and let’s face it. Vamps are just hot. I’d love to vamp watch with an appletini, and if I was really lucky – hang out with Pam for a bit. Cause you KNOW I love Pam. Yep – I totally do. She’s cool. Anyway, here is my ‘poster’ – you know, the kind that show up by the thousands on campus around Thursday afternoon??? lol I had a terrible time photographing this! I found a wicked awesome graphic online, since I could not figure out the font to save my soul… and I printed it on acetate. It looks ridiculously cool in real life (modest much?) … if you look really (and I DO mean really) closely there are pictures of Pam and Eric ghosted in the background. I made a charm with the address on it – because how can you go to the hottest vamp bar in town if you don’t have the address?? And we all know that vamp Life Begins After Dark… I want to go to Fangtasia. Like, Now!

Please join in and play along with us! If you do, here are a few guidelines to follow:

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Jacqueline said...

You have all the bragging rights you need sweetie!! This card looks amazing, I do know how impossible it is to photograph acetate!! I would definitely come there!! Great challenge I hope to get a card done soon!! Thanks!!

Margie said...

GORGEOUS! This card is totally amazing!!! I love what you did with the acetate! Love the fonts and border too! It's perfect!
It SCREAMS 'Come to Fangtasia' NOW!!! ;)

Dani said...

Great card! Looks just perfect for Fangtasia!! :)

Donna Maria said...

This is a FANTASTIC Fangtasia, love the colours they are perfect Beth! Xx

SewDragonDesigns Embroidery said...

Has anyone been able to figure out what Font they used for the Fangtasia logo?? Alexander Skarsgard is hotter than the devil himself. I recommend watching him in Generation Kill and the new Lady GaGa music video

Beth said...

Sew - I couldn't agree more!! He is smokin'! LOVED Gen Kill and the Lady GaGa video was great as soon as he flipped her over the balcony! :) She shouldn't have been kissing on my man...

Patricia, Michael, Ella and Anson said...

where did you find the logo to print?