Tuesday, May 12, 2009

TTIC31 ~ Graduation!

Ready or not! This week, Rebecca throws us headlong into graduation season! In her words:

One of my most favorite scenes in the movie occurs when Edward is showing his home to Bella for the first time. As they go up the stairs, they pass a huge frame full of graduation caps.

Bella asks "Graduation caps?" and Edward replies "Private joke. We matriculate a lot".

Craft portion: Create a project suitable to give as a graduation gift!

Comment portion: Reminisce about your graduation ... or an upcoming graduation for someone in your life.

I love this time of year! Graduation was so exciting – felt so monumental! Which, of course, it was… I remember vividly being outside the auditorium saying good byes – and knowing that I wouldn’t see many of these people ever again. Promising to stay in touch, but knowing it probably wouldn’t last beyond the summer or first weeks of the college semesters. It was all a very surreal experience for me. And crystal clear in my mind!

TTIC31 graduation2For my craft, I initially made a grad cap card, a la the scene Rebecca described… I also loved that scene. In fact, I had a cap-tion (ouch) on it that said, “We mTTIC31 graduation1atriculate a lot.” That was just so funny to me! So, instead, this is a card I like to use for graduations – in the grad’s school colors, of course! I like it because it is encouraging, hopeful and positive. All the things a grad needs to face the new chapters in their lives.

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Julie said...

LOVE the graduation cap card - it's fantastic! As is the other grad card -- you do such lovely work!

Jacqueline said...

Wowwy, the grad cap card is AMAZING!!! that is the coolest thing I have ever seen!!! :) I love your school colors card too!! You rocked this challenge, thanks for the inspiration!!!

Rebecca said...

The grad cap card is COOL! And your other card is just beautiful! Great job with both projects!

deconstructing jen said...

I LOVE that Beth!! It's beautiful. I love the graduated torn papers. Just an awesomely inspired idea!! Now where is this other card. I wanna see it. :D

deconstructing jen said...

So I just realized I'm a dork and it's already on there. :D

Margie said...

OME! how stinking cute are those caps!!! I LOVE that you made that! It's perfect!
Love the torn look too! I'm still too weary to try that, lol!

Anonymous said...

The grad cap card is AMAZING!! AMAZING!! LOVE it!!! I love the other one too but the grad cap card...PRICELESS!! What an awesome job! YOU ROCK! YAFA.

Steph said...

I agree with all statements above :)
You rocked that grad cap card, and the transition of colours are perfect!!

Donna Maria said...

Ok, I agree with what everyone else has said too.....couldn't have said it better myself!

Really is a gorgeous card.....

Dani said...

Both cards are awesome, just like you!!
You really out did yourself on this one!!! :)

Eve said...

What a fun card! I love the colors you picked to use!
Great job Beth!

Alison said...

Ooh Beth! I just love your Cap Card!!! It's really fantabulous! Your colors are perfect! Awesome job!