Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Back to Reality...

Wow - was Jamaica as awesomely RAD as I remember it?  That's a big YEPPERS!  I am having such an unbelievably hard time readjusting to the 'real' world, it is bordering on comical! 

Anyhoo, I was forced to get my stampin' on because I have a Stamp Club to prep for.  I want to use the Fresh Cuts and die-cut cards to show quick and elegant, quick and playful and any other "quick and" combo you can think of!   So, these aren't really earth-shattering (wait until I get my next shipment - I have a couple really cute ideas a-brewin'!) but, let's be honest... it is all I have stamped since the beginning of June!  Looks like I will be running on Island Time with my stamping, too! Yah Man!

Enough squawking... here are my first of many samples to have by our Stamp Club gathering on the 17th:

temp2 temp1

Have a wonderful 4th of July weekend!



Marilyn said...

These cards are so cute - I love your take on the fresh cuts - the color choices are great!!

Claireabelle said...

These are fab Beth, and a happy belated 4th of July

Anonymous said...

Jeez...look at those perfect nails..

Oh, the cards, yeah right...they're cute.